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Do/did you feed babyfood?

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A coworker just asked me for recommendations for babyfood cookbooks/recipes. Her baby is 6 months old and breastfed.

I never fed any of my babies babyfood. (Well, except for a few tries at feeding it to my firstborn, who never took to it.) I just breastfed them until they were old enough to begin some soft finger foods. Then they began self-feedings little bits of whatever the family was eating. It worked fine for us.

But, for someone who is interested in making their own babyfood and feeding that, does anyone have some good recommendations?

Also, just out of curiousity, how many of you skipped the babyfood altogether?
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We fed dd jarred baby food, but skipped it with ds. Dd was REALLY interested in eating and breastfeeding. Ds, however, was only interested in the occasional sampling of food and preferred to breastfeed. It is doubtful that we will do baby food (especially jarred) if we have any more children .
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We never really gave DD any purees, just soft food sweet potatoes, broccoli etc steamed.

However a friend gave me two books by Annabel Karmel, and I liked those - We have even used a few of the toddler/ preschool recipees for the whole family. I have also liked Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Again I never used them for purees but thought they were helpful and informative.

the the following sites that have info on just giving soft finger foods to babies that are ready.


I've used all three sites in the past and liked them The wholesome baby food site has a wholesome toddler food site as well http://www.wholesometoddlerfood.com/
That has recipees we used as DD got older.

Defintly share with her your experience and then books recommendations for homemade baby foods too - then she will be an informed mom.
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We do sometimes do jars with DS, who is 7 months. He doesn't mind, but vastly prefers to do things himself, so we more often just give him a little of what we have, which isn't often or even very much. I know some friends of mine give their kids 3-4 jars a day. I don't know that I will ever do that, tbh.

I'm far more inclined to do "real" food. it is easier, and well, I am kind of a slacker
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I made babyfood, but it wasn't really from recipes -- I'd cook some corn or peas or sweet potato or apple until it was soft, put it in the mini food processor, then freeze it in an ice-cube tray. She LOVED it. I loved the corn puree myself, in fact! And we just gave her chunks of banana or raw very ripe pear, and she liked whole-milk yogurt.
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Never did baby food, store or homemade, never did purees either. Went straight to table food. Just posted about it here actually...lol. Followed Baby Led Weaning and my 22mo DD will now eat literally ANYTHING. SOOO glad I dd it that way!
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Moving to Life with a Babe since this isn't about breastfeeding.
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We started with homemade purees, but DS quickly told us he would rather feed himself. So, we moved to soft finger foods. We never bought jarred/packaged baby food. For the purees, I cooked the fruit or veg to soft and then put it through a baby food mill. The soft finger foods were way easier & made DS much happier, though!
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i didnt with ds2 (no real interest) but do with dd. i work and she would need more than i can pump plus she really wants to eat.

i just steam veggies and puree. also we do stewed prunes, and pureed bananas and avocaos.
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we also do blw, but if your coworker wants to try purees, the book super babyfood has a lot of info
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I skipped all babyfood/purees completely. I couldn't be happier.. he is almost 11 months and is just eating whatever we eat at dinner and we don't have to do anything special for him. It's so nice!
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We skipped babyfood all together. We did what your family did.
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