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Got a letter from the state

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Yesterday in the mail we got a letter from the state saying our child may be missing or not up to date on the whole list of vaccinations. Of course this is by our choice. The letter says we need to submit info to the state showing she has received them. Then it goes on to offer info on free vax clinic's etc. in the case that they were not done due to monetary restrictions.

We are in CO and I know we have the right for philosophical exemption. I've just never heard of this happening before. I obviously don't have anything to submit to them, and there is no number to call to let them know our plans. The letter wasn't attacking us or anything, but I did find it a bit weird. Also our dd1 is not up to date either but we did not recieve a letter about her.

Should I just disregard it?
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Some states do this from time to time. Just toss it. It means nothing really.
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I was thinking that too, just ignore it.
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I would disregard it. I've disregarded similar letters and never had a problem. You have no responsibility to "prove" your vax status to the state.

The only time you would need to file your exemption is when your child is school age or if you are putting them in daycare. We homeschool our kids through a private school and they just had me sign a little form and they hold it on file for us.
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I got something similar to that letter in the past. I just completely disregarded it.
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Speaking as a government employee (on a very low level), every once in a while someone will have to demonstrate that they are doing something about this or that "problem."

I'll bet that there is some sort of official concern in Colorado about how "low" the vaccine rates are. So some bureaucrat decided to send out letters to a bunch of families whose vaccine records are incomplete or whatever. They have no power to actually do anything and probably no particular interest in doing anything. But sending out a letter makes it look as though they are taking action.

This is the sort of thing that makes some of us cringe at the waste of resources.
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