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Turning a breech twin

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Hi ladies! I'm 27 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins. I have a doctor and doula who are both very supportive of natural birth, and we've been planning an unmedicated vaginal delivery. The only stipulation is that Baby A must be head-down (hospital policy). Up until yesterday, that had always been the case, but at my ultrasound yesterday Baby A (the boy) is presenting butt-first.

I know that at 27 weeks he still has time to turn, and I'm hoping to do everything I can to facilitate that. I'm seeing a chiropractor for monthly adjustments - is there anything specific that I should ask her to do? My doctor also told me to increase my fluid intake to make sure my amniotic fluid levels stay high so he has room to move...I'm not sure how I can drink more than the gallon of water I'm already drinking, but I'm going to try!

Are there any other techniques I can use to encourage the baby to turn? I really want to avoid a c-section, and unfortunately I don't have the option of a homebirth or birth center birth (midwives can't attend multiple births in my state, and there aren't any close to me anyway). So since I have to give birth at this hospital, Baby A simply HAS to be head-down. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi Joy!
I could have written your post. I was in the exact same position - just had my twins 2 weeks ago at 36.5 weeks.

I'll tell you everything people told me. Try moxibustion and acupuncture, Webster technique (chiropractic), swimming, inversions. Have you looked at http://www.spinningbabies.com ?

Baby A was stubbornly head down until the evening I went into labor. I was thrilled he flipped and we could try for a regular birth. But it turns out he got tangled in the cord and the cord prolapsed, so we had to do a C/S in the end.

I hope you get the delivery you want! It's great that you're strting to get them to flip early! I think I waited too long (32 weeks).
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My boy twin was breech and I tried virtually everything to get him to turn, I even watched tv with my hips higher than my head for weeks to see if he would turn. But in the end he remained breech and unfortunately I needed a c-section. I hope that you can get your little one to move, I wish mine would have.
Check out spinningbabies.com I think they have a variety of ideas there and even though the Webster technique didn't work to flip my baby my body always felt better after my appointments.
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Swimming and staying in the water really got got my confused baby turning the first time around. My baby A was vertex from very early on and remained that way the entire pregnancy though B was breech the entire time. Dr policy stated they both HAD to be head down to even try for a vaginal and even then it wasn't likely. I remained paranoid the entire pregnancy. I stayed in the water up until a few days before I went into labor with them. My breech baby seemed to have better orientation of which direction he needed to be after I swam all day. He did go vertex in my 38th week but eventually ended right back up as breech upon delivery at 40 wks so I delivered him feet first.

When asking my midwife about possible presenations this time around she said she will keep me in the water for as long as possible through this pregnancy, as it seems to help numerous breech babies...single or multiples. If all else fails we will deliver breech...but hopefully the weightlessness of water will orient them in the right direction!
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