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Oh! I hope the news will be better next U/S..

I've had a natural miscarriage at 10 weeks and the labor was quite hard, but the delivery was OK. I'm happy I did it naturally and didn't get a D&C, cause I saw the placenta and know what I saw and am in peace with that birth.
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Oh, Kitten. I'm so sorry.

In fact, tons of 's to all the ladies. I'm sorry any of us have had a loss.

I'm still walking around kinda numb to it all. Haven't had any cramps or nothing. Still have all symptoms of pg. DH is holding out hope that it was just too early to see the hb. My mom was with me and swears she saw something bright flash every so often. I am unsure how far along I was. I forgot to ask the doctor and have been going by one date I saw on the machine. Oh well, it's just a wait and see thing. (And I have zero patience which makes it worse.)
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I hope they were wrong. And of course we want you around either way. But we don't want you to experience the pain (emotional or physical) of loss. I'll be praying for you.
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Keeping you in my thoughts and many hugs
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I have had a natural miscarriage and a d&c. The natural m/c was around 10 weeks, and the d&C wasaround 9 wks. THe natural m/c was a blighted ovum, so I only passed large amounts of fatty-looking tissue. It hurt but didn't last too long. The d&c was for a baby that stopped growing at 6wks. The d&c didn't hurt me, although I woke up from the meds screaming for my baby

If I had to go through it again, I think I might do it naturally. The d&c was mentally difficult... leaving behind my baby and not knowing what they did with it. I would rather endure the pain at home and have the closure of burying the baby.

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I know I'm grasping at straws here. I just can't seem to help it. I'll know for sure in less then 11 hours one way or the other. We saw ds's hb when I was a little over 9 weeks (he measured over 8).

Think I'll just let it go naturally if the choice needs made.
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to you. I will be thinking of you and hoping you see your baby alive and well.
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Hoping you hear good news this morning.
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I am praying for you - I am hoping that your little baby was just hiding and is going to show your their nice little heartbeat today. Big big hugs mama, either way it is incredibly stressful.
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Been thinking about you a lot. Hope everything is going well and you are out celebrating.
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You have been in my prayers.
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Thinking of you a lot today...I hope it goes well.
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yes mama, thinking of you! Hope you are well!
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