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Near Henderson,NC

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Hi All!

We're visiting my family the end of this month near Henderson, NC and are looking for an alternative to cramming ( 5 of us ) into a hotel. Our last visit was pleasant enough but we didn't spend much time in the hotel because it was rather small and the farm was crowded with relatives stopping by to spend time with us. So, I had an idea of finding a cabin like setting with a kitchen...indoor bathrooms a plus LOL!!! We're city folks so I don't think we would fare well "roughing it " in a tent but we would consider someplace such as a State Park if it was near services.

I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions. If it helps, my Little Ones are 9, 5 and 2 so something that's little kid friendly would be great!

Many thanks!
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Thanks anyway, I got ideas from another Group I belong to and was able to find some beautiful 3br cabins about 40 minutes away. I had a relative drive by to check out the community and it's perfect!

Happy Summer!
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