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First egg!

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I'm stupidly excited This is our first time having chickens, so it's very much our first egg! They're 20 weeks, I wasn't quite expecting it yet, I thought it would take another week or two, even a month. But we do have buff orpingtons and black giants, so I guess they are good layers!

It's small, but the shell is nice and hard and it's a great shape!

First egg

Size comparison (to store bought)

I just had to share! Dh and I went out to check on the garden and let the girls out to roam for awhile, and there it was!
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So exciting! And it looks quite cute next to the white egg.
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All good and perfect gifts...

Yay! How fun! I can only dream along while reading of your first egg since we're far from having a place where we can have chickens, but it sounds so fun. How many do you have? 20 weeks, huh? very cool!

Gloria in excelsis Deo, indeed!
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Oh, stupid excitement is good! I felt the same way! Love those first little eggs, they are so cute!
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I *still* get excited when I find a first egg from a newly matured hen from our established flock! LOVE IT!

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