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26 months, 1 nursing and 1 not, but...

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My boy who is not nursing constantly wants to twiddle my nipple at night and it is driving me bonkers! I don't let him do it, but it means that a few times a night I have to deal with him crying because I won't let him play with my nipple.

His twin brother only nurses at night, really usually only once or twice in the early morning. It's odd, because they were both weaned for a few months before he decided to start nursing again. I don't mind (I'm actually rather pleased), although his latch isn't great so it's not incredibly comfortable. But they are getting their 2nd molars, so that's really what's going on.

Any advice on the twiddler? I tried getting him a pacifier to twiddle but he's happy with it during the day and still gets pissed at night. We're losing enough sleep with all the teething, anyway :yawning

I also posted because I'm just curious how many others with MZ twins have had such a nursing difference. This is a long-standing thing; my boy who still nurses has been much more interested in nursing since birth (and is more interested in food, and weighs 2 lbs more!). The two of them are *very* different for MZ twins, I think. I usually forget they are MZ...well, better to say that it just isn't at all a part of my concept of who they are. Which is probably good for them long-term, but I do miss out a bit on the cute twinny stuff
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I had a twiddler, but I popped him off every time he did and said something like, "do you want to nurse? you can nurse if you don't play with my breast!". Seemed to do the trick.

Can't help you on the other front. Mine are still wanting to nurse at the same time.

Hope that helps, and sorry. That is one of the most annoying things about nursing.
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How interesting!!! The one that's NOT nursing is still twiddling! I have absolutly NO advice, but am very intrigued by other's responses and advice!
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Oh, whoops. Sorry I didn't read that correctly. Yes, that is odd that the non nurser is doing the twiddling. What about wearing a sturdy nursing bra so that he cannot get to you as easily?
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Yeah, my nurser has no interest in twiddling! In fact, he's actually generally very glad to nurse for a set period of time and then stop; if I start to count to 5 when I'm feeling done, he usually stops himself before I get to 3, and he often just spontaneously says he is done and covers me back up.

My prob is that I can't just wear a tight bra because the one still needs access.

I'm not sure, though, I think my twiddler is having other things going on anyway. They are definitely both getting their second molars, but he has been waking up multiple times a night and just crying, whining, fussing, etc., but won't let me comfort him at all. He doesn't want me to leave him, but he won't let me hold him, and he kicks me in bed and struggles against me while at the same time keeping me close, all the while whining and crying and calling for me as if I'm not there. I know my older boy did that a few times around this age, inexplicably, but with Toby (my non-nursing twin), it has become a HUGE problem that is costing both of us hours of sleep a night I plan to give him a dose of ibuprofen before bed tomorrow night to see if that helps (tonight they fell asleep in the car on the way home from the beach).

Really, if I wasn't starting to see more and more benefits of having twins in terms of their relationship with each other, I would just go bonkers right now trying to keep up with both of them (and their emotional older brother)!
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