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So great to hear everyone's babies are doing so well!

Finn is 10 weeks old and doing well. We'll find out how much he weighs (our guess is around 15 pounds) at his checkup tomorrow. He seems to slowly be working out of his colic and will give us short bursts of smiles, coos, and snarky looking eyebrow raises (his new thing-way too funny) between fussy periods. He's still a snuggler/constant motion kid. I wish he would be content in any of our carriers (we have a Moby, a Beco, and one of those cheapy Infantino backpack carriers) other than for sleeping, but at least he's content if he's in someone's arms and moving around.

If he's not in someone's arms, then he has to be lyingon the floor naked. I've never seen a baby go from screaming to cooing quicker. We tried different clothes/disposable diapers vs. cloth/changing laundry detergents to see if any of those were bothering his skin and making him fussy, but it seems like we just have a tiny nudist on our hands. He never liked having his limbs restricted while being swaddled and I guess naked and on a blanket with flailing arms and legs is the ultimate freedom for this kiddo.