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Anyone still losing/not gaining any weight yet?

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I'm 11 weeks pregnant w/ twins and I'm still below my prepregnancy weight. I'm not throwing up anymore, but I am nauseated all.the.time.

I make myself eat every couple of hours, but I cannot eat any meat or large amounts of food because it makes me feel bad for hours afterwards.

I have no appetite.

With my first child, I only gained 7 lbs due to similar issues(nausea never went away), but this time I am determined to eat better and gain more weight!!!
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me! im about 13 weeks and still havent gained. im still 4 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. with my first, i gained the weight quickly in the beginning and then it slowed down. but i had cravings with that pregnancy. i feel like i have aversions to everything with this one. and when i do eat, it either comes back up half the time or doesnt digest. but with all this said, i feel like im already showing!!
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I have not - I am 12 weeks, and lost 2 pounds since I was at the ob at 8 weeks. They are a little concerned because I really don't have any to spare. My weight now is considered underweight for my height, without being pregnant.

I can keep food down, but I have no interest in eating that much. I also cut out all of my old drinks and now drink only water, which I am sure contributed. I eat little amounts all day, I can't eat a lot at a time.

Last time I was pregnant I felt better when I ate, so I had gained 10 pounds by now. The midwife suggested papaya extract to help this time.

Otherwise the baby is growing in measuring big, so everything is okay there.
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Yep. I'm fourteen weeks tomorrow and am still below my pre-pregnancy weight. I have hyperthyroidism, so gaining weight is an issue to begin with. I was lower than I like to be when I got pregnant and I've had several health issues since which - in addition to morning sickness - caused me to lose even more weight.

I gained four pounds, but have since lost all of them - plus another. The last time I was weighed (umm . . . a week ago?) I was at 92 pounds. Boo!

I flew into my hometown yesterday and so far I've seen my Mom, my Dad, one of my brothers, and a few others - the first thing they all want to do is touch my belly. There's nothing there, people! Move along.
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I'm 10 weeks and I haven't gained any either, in fact have lost about 6 or 7 lbs from pre-PG weight. I was still losing weight from PG #1 though so I'm kind of glad I haven't started gaining this earlier. With DD I gained 50 lbs, ugh, that's a lot when youstarted off 5' 4" and 120 lbs. Its been a struggle to get it off and I was down almost 30 lbs when I found out I was PG again.

I've been eating but trying to not eat soooo much crappy food even though I crave it a lot. I also haven't been able to eat a lot because I get full so fast and then feel horrible for hours on end.
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I'm 10 weeks and down 2 lbs. Of course, I have a lot of "extra." Plus, I'm barely eating.
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im in the same boat.. only i have one bean in there i havnt gained any weight yet either. With my second son I didnt gain my first official pound until after 15wks and even then I packed on the most during the final trimester. Im with you in feeling yucky all the time. I have some "Extra" weight I could afford to lose but since Im pregnant Ill let it stick around. I did lose a couple pounds during the first 8wks but now im steady. I wouldnt be to concerned unless your purposely not eating to avoid gaining weight.

I get stomach aches because I need to eat and them i feel like im gonna yack after I eat for several hours.. soo annoying!
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I'm 12 weeks now and have lost 10 pounds total. I haven't gained any back. I probably won't until I'm closer to 20 weeks which is what happened with DS. I didn't have any to spare, but I'm not too concerned. DS was super healthy so I know it'll turn out ok with this one too.
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I've lost about 24 pounds so far (coming up on 11 weeks) due to the misery of my relentless nausea and a panopoly of food aversions and zero appetite. Doctor is not worried because I'm carrying lots of extra weight to begin with. I feel it's the silver lining in the dark cloud of being almost constantly sea sick. But it's weird... the last thing I expected pregnancy to be is a weight-loss aid!
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Well, as of two weeks ago, at 11w3d, I hadn't gained anything. I'm tiny to begin with, and I was nauseated for weeks. BUT... I NEVER gained during my first trimester with my other two pregnancies, and I gained 30lb total with each one. I checked today... I gained 3 or 4lb. So I've officially started. It's just how I am. With my other two, around 5 months, I gain 8-10lb in a month's time. Then I'm pretty average. My midwife wasn't worried, and wasn't last time, and my OB wasn't worried first time around.
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I'm 13 weeks tomorrow and I haven't gained anything yet. In fact, I think I've lost a couple of pounds due to the lack of beer drinking :P

I also don't have much of an appetite lately, I think due to the combination of the hot weather and the general lack of room in my stomach. I'm not showing yet, but everything feels a little more squished in my abdominal area. After like, ten bites of food I feel stuffed.
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I'm 11 weeks today and 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost 15 pounds between weeks 4 and 8 or so because I had a very serious colitis flare. I had to go on prednisone to control it - something I've never had to do before. I've been on the prednisone for almost a month now and I'm finally getting my appetite back, I'm not sure if it's a side effect of the prednisone or just because I'm pregnant! In the past week or so I've actually put on almost 5 pounds (which is good because I was only 7 or 8 pounds away from being underweight according to BMI).

And the nausea seems to be finally letting up. I didn't have any vomiting, just nausea and serious food aversions. Now I just want to eat everything!
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I am 10-11 weeks pregnant and have definitely lost a few pounds due to my annoying morning sickness. And now that insurance has refused to pay for more Zofran until July 21st, we will see what I can stomach!

Calm stomach vibes to anyone with morning sickness. It sucks big time.
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I'm at 14.5 weeks, and haven't gained anything either- haven't lost anything, just maintained my weight exactly. Strangely enough, I also didn't have any morning sickness- haven't thrown up once. I figure I must've just had a few pounds to spare, and I'll start gaining pretty soon. The belly is definitely growing, though!
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We didn't own a scale prior to me getting knocked up, so I don't really know what my pre-pregnancy weight was. But since we bought the scale two weeks ago, I have been holding steady at the same weight - some days a 1/2 pound above, somedays a 1/2 pound below. I think that might be a pound or two up from pre-pregnancy, just because a lot of my clothes are getting snugger, but not much more than that (my clothes still fit), and that's just a guess.
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I lost about 8 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight when I was throwing up nonstop, over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. Gained it all back in the last week now that I'm eating and keeping it. I'm probably at pre pg weight now, at 10 weeks. And I have a very obvious belly bulge.
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I was actually REALLY excited at my appointment Tuesday because I found out I've only lost 3 lbs. With DS I didn't start gaining until 20 weeks. I lost at least 15 lbs with him but I had hyperemesis. This time I've only thrown up once so far (KNOCK ON WOOD) and that was Tuesday night. I've been flat-on-the-couch nauseous many days though. I've been on Zofran since 2 days after I found out-last time they wouldn't let me have it until after my first IV, my second came when I was already on it. If I make it through this week and next I *should* start to feel a bit better since 11 and 12 were my worst with DS.
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It's good to know I'm not alone. I'm finally starting to eat more so hopefully they scale will go up soon.
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I will be 13 weeks on Friday and have been staying right at my pre-pregnancy weight. I am heavier to begin with, so I am not concerned and neither is my dr. I only gained 12 pounds while pregnant with DS and delivered a wonderfully, healthy 8 pound baby.
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