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Location of Brown Spots on Teeth-Decay?

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I have read every single post in the dental archives and in current threads and have searched on every internet site I could find (looking fruitlessly for photos of tooth decay that have anything in the world to do with what might be happening with my son). From everything I've read, brown spots or lines indicating cavities/decay are most frequently found near the gumline. What I see are light brown spots, on his two side front teeth, the tops of which are about half way down, and in each case, are large enough to be about 1/3 of his total tooth surface. All four of his front teeth are not as white as any other of his teeth, but we thought that was from the iron supplements he took for months (stopped over 2 months ago). I've read a lot about brown spots ending up being decay in posts, but given where I am seeing them, could they be something else? We just started putting flouiride on them, so can't be from that. Is it common to have brown spots where I am seeing them?

I know I have reason to be concerned, because he is 19 mo, BF, nurses pretty frequently at night and in early AM, has frequently taken baby meds for teething just before bedtime (did not know they contained sucrose), andhe is wild about carbs (his word for all food is crackers). And worst, we have been negligent in making sure he brushes his teeth regularly. No excuses for that. Like every other mother who has confronted the possibility that my negligence might cause my precious baby pain, I am feeling anquish. But also, doing everything I can even before we make it into the dentist.

Thanks for any help-
Nathan's mom
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Isaac's were in the exact same spots you're talking about. Eventually one of his teeth broke off at the brown spot and had to be filled. Then it broke off again a little higher and he had to have a bunch of other stuff done so he was sedated and the redid it.
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BTW. I just took Isaac to the naturopath and she told us to give him 3 calcerea phos. tablets twice a day to strenghten his teeth and give him decaf. green tea to drink. It has natural floride.
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Hi lao80-

Thanks for your reply. I'm not clear, though, do you know whether the brown spot when you first saw it was decay? You said the tooth broke there after a while- was that because the brown was always decay and then it got worse? Or was it something else, but after the tooth broke, THEN it needed a filling, unrelated to needingone because of decay? I'm probably grapsing at straws, I'd just love to know that the spots could be something else, They do not seem rough or pitted, just discolored. Thanks for the suggestions!

Nathan's mom
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My ds has brown lines (striations) and spots that are symmetrical on the sides of his two top teeth on either side of the two front teeth. He has been seen 3-4 times by our DDS and she says they are stains b/c the enammel is not soft. Ds was also on iron supplements for a months when he was 16 months old and the spots showed up after this. They have not chnaged in the past 1.5 years. we are extra carefula bout brushing as our DDS feels that these spots will be more vulnerable to decay. I'll try the calcarea phos and decaf green tea too for extra support!
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Dear Dalai Mama-

your post made my weekend! Our visit to the dentist may turn out to be just as bad as I first feared when I saw the spots, but it gives me real hope to think that it is entirely possible they CAN be something else. I had thought iron stains were always either gray or black. Anyway, i'm happy for you that's all they were were
for your ds! Thanks for your reply!

Nathan's mom
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I know exactly how you feel! I was in agony not knowing what the spots were.
Good luck at the dentist and keep us posted as to what they are!
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Sorry for being unclear. Ours WAS decay.
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sorry that yours was decay! i'm back to not knowing, but will see a trusted and great dentist tomorrow.

Yesterday, our ped said she thought they were just stains, but she also said who cares anyway, they are just baby teeth (!!!!)(she has NEVER looked at his teeth before, or discussed how to care for them). She also said to night wean him immediately. I was pretty amazed all the way around, since she is a huge BF and co-sleeping fan, and is a lactation expert to boot. Things just didn't add up which makes me even more worried, but I'll find out tomorrow.

Nathan's mom
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Our Nathaniel (!) has just the same spots - they showed up with his two front teeth. When we did an initial consult we were told it was an enamel flaw and that sealing them would probably be enough. We didn't do that (why????) and now the spots are cavities that a ped dentist said needed caps or he would end up with abcesses. He didn't blame anything, just said it was bad luck.

We are in the process of exploring just how to do the caps - nitrous oxide? sedation with needles? general anesthesia? He is extremely independent, wiggly, and 22 months.

I of course also feel negligent and wish we'd done something that might have been less invasive. All we're left with now is how to make this as non-traumatic as possible.

good luck!

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I'm so sorry. What a lousy "choice" under any circumstances, much less when you feel, after the fact, that you had the power to make things different. Sure do understand that feeling.

We have largely lucked out. The dentist we saw today said no cavities- no sticky places when she probed-and that it was possible all that was going on were iron stains. She did feel some roughness on one of the stained teeth, and said it could either be from the staining or an incipient cavity.

The only thing that bothered me about what otherwise felt like a good visit - what she said made sense- was that she was OK about waiting 6 months to see him again. From what I've read on this board, a lot of damage can be done in 6 months. I'l read up on remineralization, etc., and act on whatever seems appropriate, but I guess I've learned it pays to be super vigilant, and as always, to trust gut level feelings... Think I'll insist on an earlier visit.

Thanks for the help and feedback. Think I'll stick around and see what else super moms talk about on this board!

Nathan's mom
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