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Neverending Nipple Yeast

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I have had a yeast infection on my nipples for three months now. I have tried Gentian Violet (twice), Nystatin, Lotrimin, Monistat, two different steroids, Diflucan 100 mg for 2 weeks, and am now trying Diflucan 200 mg for 2 weeks after a 400 mg. loading dose. I am on an antiyeast diet. I'm taking acidopholis/bifidus (sp). I'm wearing cotton bras and washing them in hot water with vinegar every day. I'm going braless as much as possible. I have one week left of the Diflucan and so far the pain has only become worse. I have several deep cracks in one of my nipples that is excruciatingly painful to nurse from. Any suggestions or advice for me?
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My mw recomended for my mom who has yeast breakout everywhere Mycostatin or Nystatin at 500,000 unit 2-3 times a day.

Not sure how units measure up to the mg you are taking/have taken.

Just was wondering if you where taking enough?
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I was prescribed 100,000 units and I used it after I nursed throughout the day. I didn't know there was a stronger one.
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My mw told my mom to ask for the 500,000 when she called her dr for a prescription.

I have no knowledge in any of this just what I have heard and been told.

Sure hope you get rid of those yeasty soon
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I'm not the only one

I just came online to see what I could find on this very topic. My ds and I have had thrush since mid October 2003 (yes! 5 freakin' months!). I am so sick of this. I too have tried Nystatin, Diflucan, and something similar to Monistat - all multiple times. I too have just finished a THREE week dose of Diflucan only to have my son show up with it and now I have it worse than ever. AAAAAAHHHHHH! I'm losing it. But I am determined to make this better. My thoughts...something in me is out of balance. I am planning on going through the archives and then doing some of my own research to see what I can come up with. One thing...I know that acidopholous is good for helping cut yeast. This may sound strange but I was thinking maybe I could sort of bathe my nipples in live culture yogurt and take some acidopholous. Have you tried anything like this?

The only thing I'm concerned with increasing the Diflucan mg is what are the effects on the babe? Lastly, I had my yeast cultured to see if it was anti fungal resistant or if it was actually something other than yeast. The test showed it's just a plain old strain of yeast. Why doesn't the Nystatin cream work AT ALL?

This is long, I know. I don't have any answers yet-- but I was thinking if you find something that works or if I do - let's message each other with the solution. What do you think?
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I've had thrush and nystatin didn't work for us either. We did have success with Diflucan ( it took two courses though). I didn't find that the diflucan had any side effects for ds.

I do know that probiotics are recommended topically via douche for vaginal yeast, so I don't think it could hurt to apply a probiotic rinse to the yeasty nipples. And maybe some by dropper into baby's mouth, too. There is a strain of bifidus that is commonly given to babies and I've used it for ds during GI troubles due to antibiotics with very good results. I haven't used it for yeast personally though, thankfully we haven't had a recurrence.

Other than that the only thing I can suggest is to do pain management while you are waiting to heal - it really helped me to take pain reliever and also to apply a cold compress after nursing - That was the best pain relief tip I ever got. It feels so good. Just make sure you air dry very well afterwards.

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This may be a silly question - but are you treating your baby at the same time? Otherwise you pass it back and forth.

And after that....is your partner getting treated? It's also possible to pass yeast back and forth that way.

Have you checked out all the yeast links at www.kellymom.com ?

And have you tried grapefruit seed extract?

I'm sorry, I wish I could think of something else for you to try.
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Wow! Thanks everyone for your advice. Thank you especially for the link to Kellymom. What a terrific website! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully will find something that works. I think I'll try the grapefruit seed extract again. I tried it in the beginning, but didn't use it every hour like the article on kellymom said to do. My daughter was treated in the beginning with Nystatin, but hasn't been treated since. She is two years old and I need to find a new doctor for her. Her doctor thinks she is too old for me to nurse her and doesn't want to prescribe medication to make it easy to continue.
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GSE is wonderful stuff! A friend of mine had yeast so bad she had to go to a dermatologist. She used the GSE and it cleared right up. http://www.drjaygordon.com/bf/thrush.htm

I used the topical and the strongest dose.
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Originally posted by Lexymama
Her doctor thinks she is too old for me to nurse her and doesn't want to prescribe medication to make it easy to continue.

Doesn't that violate the Hippocratic Oath, since his decision not to treat her is causing you harm?!

And since when is personal opinion equivalent to medical knowledge!!! GRRRR!!!
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I agree, it is time for a new Doctor, ASAP!!

I have been fighting yeast for 3 years now. I have done everything in these articles. I thought I had it kicked, but it just came back again. sigh. I will be calling my doc tomorrow.

I used tons of yogurt and dophiluous, garlic, astiligus root, echinacea, goldenseal, pau'd'arco, b vitamins, etc. and monostat, and diflucan sevearl times. Vinigar, diet, etc. It is getting to be a real miserable problem for lots of new mom's!!

Ds hasn't had a problem, but he eats tons of yogurt. Perhas I need more, I don't know.

Good luck and keep trying!!
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Lexymama -- and others suffering from torturous thrush -- I have the solution you may be looking for.

I have posted about it numerous times -- it's called Candex and I used it in conjunction with the candida diet and all the other stuff you are all doing (I battled thrush for almost 4 months and the Candex worked within 48 hours). I even told my gynocologist about it last week so that she could surpass Diflucan altogether.

I too went through several rounds of Diflucan until my homeopath turned me on to this stuff -- he told me to stop Diflucan IMMEDIATELY.

I am amazed that it hasn't become a more widespread therapy for breast yeast -- but then again, it is a natural product that ou can buy at health food stores so major pharmaceutical companies have nothing to gain...but I digress.

I recommend getting it through www.iherb.com for the best deal if you can wait the few days it takes to ship.

It has worked for a number of mamas here too. Sometimes I call myself the Candex Crusader.

Do a search of my username and "candex" if you want more info, or PM me please.

I feel your pain!!!!!! HTH
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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone! It is so nice to have support! I have been the only extended nursing woman I know and have felt very isolated at times. It is so nice to finally have found a supportive group! Thanks.

I went to the doctor today and she prescribed Nizoral 2% cream to put on my nipples and another 2 weeks of Diflucan. I haven't filled the Diflucan yet because I still have several days left of the first dose. I'm definately interested in the Candex. I'll check out the link. I'm going to keep using the GSE too. My doctor is going to send a note to my daughter's doctor and let her know that prescribing my daughter the medication is necessary for my care. My doctor is terrific.
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definitely take the second 2 weeks of Diflucan, air those nipples as much as possible and add the Candex if you can get your hands on some. Make sure you're washing all your bras, towels, sheets, etc. in hot water and consider adding some vinegar to the rinse cycle. Sun light will kill yeast, so hang your clothes out and your boobs out if possible!

If you're also experiencing tissue damage, consider getting some of Jack Newman's all purpose nipple ointment - it requires a script and a compounding pharmacist, but really helps with healing and has an antifungal in it too.
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Sorry, gave you some diet info. and then realized you were already on a yeast-free diet
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Just wanted to put an update on here. The yeast is going away!!!!!!!! I am still on the anti-candida diet, taking acidophillis/bifidis, Diflucan, Yeast-Cleanse (caprylic acid, pau d'arco, grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil), and Candex along with treating my DD with Nystatin and putting 2 antifungals, an antibiotic and steroid on the nipples. Not sure what is finally kicking it, but it is working!!! Thank you to everyone for your terrific advice.
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I am going through the same thing and am so miserable that I am considering weaning. I have had the thrush for at least 6 weeks (DD is 9.5 weeks old). Was given 5 doses of antibiotics in labor because I was GBS positive, so I'm sure that's where it originated. ARGH!!

I am 10 days into my first course of Diflucan and things are not better. I was getting a lot better after about day 5 and then it came back in force on day 7 or so. Baby is getting Nystatin, thugh she shows no signs of thrush herself. We are doing all the boiling, sunning, vinegar, hot water washing. I have just started the anti-yeast diet. I have tried Monistat and the all-purpose nipple ointment (finished the tube, though, and ins co won't cover it).. I am taking grapefruit seed extract, lecithin, acidophilus, garlic, and flaxseed oil.

WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING??? I am so frustrated and in so much pain. I guess I can try the Candex but I am losing hope. Lexymama, what specifically are you using on your nipples? Is it OTC or prescription?
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go to www.iherb.com IMMEDIATELY!!!!

please please please order some today!

pm me for extra info
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I feel for you so much!!!! I am so sorry this is happening to you. All of the cracks in my nipples are gone, I am just dealing with itching now, which is no problem. I've been using Nystatin with 1% hytone (steroid) mixed in it (from the doc) and I mixed in Ketoconazole (Nizoral 2% cream) and Neosporin Plus antibiotic/pain relieving ointment. I've also started putting Acidophilis directly onto my nipples and I feel like it's doing something to heal them . I'm taking 6 acidophillis capsules per day. Maybe ask your doctor for another 2 weeks of the Diflucan too. I think when it's really bad it takes longer than expected to get rid of the yeast. Incidentally, about 2 days after I started the Candex my nipples started healing. I'm not positive that is why, but it is certainly worth it to see if it is.
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Thank you for your posts! I am sending my husband to the health food store today to buy the Candex. The LC came today and we think it is probably a combination of thrush plus some latch issues. We are trying a nipple shield for 24 hours to see what happens and will go from there. I'm still keeping up with the diet (gad I am so hungry, though!) and the other supplements. It helps to know that other women have beaten this monster.
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