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Bug spray?

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I am going into a heavily infested bug area for the the 4th (my mom's backyard) the gnats are so bad it's hard to be outside. They don't bite, but fly up your nose, in your eye and in your mouth. Is there anything I can use to keep them away?

My sister had some non-DEET Off, and that didn't even work. Is there a natural oil/scent I can set outside? She has a rather large pool, so I think that is the attraction, but surprisingly the mosquitoes aren't too bad, just the gnats. I don't want to spray myself with anything with DEET.
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I love using 100% pure & natural Citronella oil mixed with witch hazel in a spay bottle mix it so you can smell the citronella oil pretty strong usually one bottle witch hazel to about 1 oz citronella oil. You can add some lavender and lemon grass oil to it too for a better smell but I think the citronella oil smells good. This does have to be sprayed on you but it is not harmful in any way. (Unless you get it in your eyes or mouth lol)We use it on our little guy sparingly(3month old) and our DD (3yrs old) a few weeks ago and both had no problems with bug bites and we were camping right next to a river. They make citronella candels that you can lite to go around the pool to help keep bugs away too. Good luck and have fun.
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Burt's Bees works ok but I HATE the smell of citronella, it gives me an instant headache. Skin so Soft by Avon is awesome but its not something you can buy at the store.
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