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So I'm nursing Anna in bed and hear a snuffling noise. Thinking she's just congested i look down and see she's got milk dribbling out of her nose! I wipe it away and its continuing to dribble out as she's laying down and nursing to sleep.
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Thanks for the hugs.
I've been going through the breastfeeding challenges forum and looking through lots of stuff at kellymom today, and wow. I feel stupid again.
I was so worried about the reduction that I never thought about the fact that my ovarian cysts (assuming I still have them?) and thyroid disorder (hypothyroid, and thyroid nodules) might have something to do with this. You'd think my OB and endocrinologist would have said something?
Scratch that, my endocrinologist is a total quack, and probably had no idea. *sigh* I'm seeing my GP for my thyroid issues next month, since my endo has been useless. I am taking medication for my thyroid, but even on the meds, I'm just barely on the borderline between low and normal. Maybe if I can get my levels sorted out a little better, I'll get a supply again?

I wish I didn't have to wait so long for Dr. appointments.

I'm really not keen on taking dom, which seems like the only advice ever being offered on the challenges forum. :/

You know, I really wish I would have tried the SNS sooner. Maybe from the beginning. She refused it when I finally gave it a try (around 3 weeks? 4? time gets fuzzy). I'm still reeling from how quickly "trying supplementation" turned into not nursing at all.

In other news, I'm so annoyed at how there's no middle ground here. There are the BF moms who look down on me because I'm bottlefeeding, and then there are the bottlefeeding moms who pick on me because I'm AP, or because I actually do sterilize bottles, nipples, and pacifiers. *sigh*

I need sleep.
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Cecilia's latest adorable habit is that when she latches on, she crosses her eyes and tries to watch herself nurse. It's SO cute!
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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post
Cecilia's latest adorable habit is that when she latches on, she crosses her eyes and tries to watch herself nurse. It's SO cute!
that's so cute!!!

i can tell dani has a bit of awareness about nursing. she certainly has known for a long time that if we walk to a certain part of the livingroom, she's getting a diaper change and if I hold her horizontal sitting down, she's going to get nursed. but in the last month she's been getting really excited about nursing, holding my hand while nursing, holding my boob while nursing. just those things that make nursing so special. it has relaxed me so much more when nursing.

clothing sizes - i seem to notice some variation by brand. carters from walmart/target runs about the same as gap, which is true to size for anything that doesn't go over a cloth diaper. carters from carters runs closer to the gymboree with is pretty true to size in all items. old navy and gerber run small, which was great when we were newly born and the rest was swimming on her. right now she's wearing a 3-6 mo dress from kohls that looks the same size as her 3 mo carters stuff - fits perfectly, but won't fit for long. and she's not even 3 mo yet!
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L can still fit in 0-3 even over a cloth diaper. yet she's been in 3-9 month gerber stuff for well over a month!
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
L can still fit in 0-3 even over a cloth diaper. yet she's been in 3-9 month gerber stuff for well over a month!
Yep, Gerber stuff is tiny. We have a few different things from a bunch of different brands, and it's all different. We're out of everything newborn, but in some stuff we're in the 6 month, some we're in the 3, and I think 1 or 2 things are a 9 month. I just eyeball it these days and ignore the tags altogether.
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News Flash: Tobin just fell asleep in my arms at the computer. No tormented drawn out desperate attempts to get him to sleep needed. Of course now the cat is trying to get in my lap, too....
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hello ladies! hope all had a good fourth. we went to a baseball game and had a BBQ and it all went pretty darn smooth! R had a good time and even fell asleep all on his own just watching all the activity at home then fell asleep in the moby at the game (and we sweated on each other yuck) and although he had some fussy periods there was no horrible crying..maybe cause i really only sat down for 20 minutes at a time at the game. lol.

got the poor boy a few more toys and he is a little happier now. it's soooo weird to have a baby get tired of his toys my others just didn't care but weren't fussy or anything about it. going to get a walker very soon so he can really be able to see everything going on!

dogreto~i had 2 pg in the summer babies. it was hot but same as this year i don't go outside! i just hide in my a/c. i had been worried about the winter pg this time cause i didn't want to buy a huge maternity coat et all but it wasn't to cold so i just bundled as well as i could.
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So last night kind of sucked I went to the gym and had a great workout. Right now it's my only alone time, and I really relish it. Plus I figure it gives dh an opportunity to bond with R and feed her (she needs to get used to the bottle as I go back to work in August). Well I come home to her screaming and dh in my face doing the "Where were you?" I was really ticked. I NEVER take time and I was only gone for an hour and a half. I mean really this is it three times a week and he's in MY FACE? I get that she was crying but really this is number four. He was upset because the kids didn't want to do what he wanted to do (go to the pool..well one did and the others didn't). And there was some kind of fight where the eldest threw the cat at the youngest and the youngest got scratched. He made it into this huge drama where the eldest was some kind of psychopath. Last night I was thinking I wouldn't go again but then thought "nope, I am not going to sacrifice this."

Clothes: We're way out of the 3-6 months. And we have no money for new clothes or covers. Sigh. I've got a bunch of Target onesies in 6-9 months and she's been living in those. Not cute but functional. We can still use some of our covers but somethings going to have give soon. It's dumb but I feel bad that she doesn't have the cute clothes the other kids did And of course I just WANT to dress her in cute dresses instead of boring white onesies.

Nursing: LaughingFox (((Hugs))) I'm sorry you're having such a hard time finding support. I hope you feel supported here. I remember feeling this way when I had to start supplementing my daughter. I got a lot of flack and we were STILL breastfeeding. Blows my mind how often women undermine each other. I think you're doing an amazing job taking care of your baby!

R is also starting to be more aware of nursing. She is doing the kneading which I just love, and she often holds my hand and stares into my eyes. She's also starting to smile at me to get my attention even while nursing. I can't wait for the milkly giggles.

H has a job interview tomorrow and he's got a connection on doing some contract work for Bank of America. Things are looking up but I am still hoping he gets a job here. I so don't want to move again.
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I can't wait for Cecilia to giggle at all! No giggles here yet, but I swear she's come so close! I'm desperate to hear her laugh! She started smiling so early I was sure we'd have laughs by now.
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No laughs here, either. She does what I call "silent giggles" where she opens her mouth and it looks just like she should be absolutely cackling, but it's silent.
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Laughingfox - what I've learned as a mom is that breastfeeding makes everyone feel stupid and frustrated at some point so don't be so hard on yourself. I went weeks with a crazy oversupply that made the baby cry from gassiness and frustration (not to mention barf all over me) before realizing that the placenta pills I had been taking to increase my milk supply, etc., were probably causing this... doh! It's hard to think clearly and stay calm when you are trying to figure all of this out... anyway, hope you can get some help quickly!

sewcrafty, I nursed S all day yesterday because we were both tired and needed to just mellow out in bed all day... well, about 4pm she barfed all of that overfeeding all over me, the couch, herself, and got it in her nose and eyes! Doesn't seem to bother her a bit. So so gross. And I noticed some spitup up her nose the other day that made her snuffle... jeez.

The "I'm a whiny little baby cry" that's new around here seems to indicate tiredness, too. I sometimes just grin and laugh when she's doing it and can trick her into smiling in the midst of her frowns. She is also doing a lot more LOUD chattering, some that even sounds like she's scolding me. It's quite cute! And she (hope I'm not jinxing it!) is taking better naps and falling asleep a little easier in the daytime... phew! She still jerks around like she's being shocked unless she's swaddled, yet doesn't want to be swaddled so she can access her hands, but I'm hoping in a few weeks she'll be able to control those crazy arms and legs a little better and we can get more rest.

She actually doesn't seem to NEED to eat in the night but is more waking herself up and wants to suck to fall back to sleep. Can't wait till she can find that thumb in her sleep (and, yes, I realize I will kick myself when the dentist bills come in in a few years).

She really has changed a lot in the past few days alone! Tons of new vocalizations, crazy kicking legs, wiggling that seems to scoot her around. It's exciting!! I am much better suited to a 3 month old baby

I am feeling much, much better. Still exhausted and have to be careful not to overdo it - but haven't had a panic attack or terrible depression in 5 days or so!! The baby is seeming more manageable and I am enjoying parts of life again . It was really terrifying how far gone I felt for a few weeks - now I can eat and sleep and laugh again. Hooray!

I hope everyone else with PPD/PPA is starting to feel better, too. xo
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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post
I can't wait for Cecilia to giggle at all! No giggles here yet, but I swear she's come so close! I'm desperate to hear her laugh! She started smiling so early I was sure we'd have laughs by now.
Exactly the same here! S has giggled twice but it's been days and days and no repeats. She does this dummy sounding "huhh huhh huhh" laugh sometimes but I am dying for giggles...
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There's sometimes a little rolling sound to her regular cooing sound, and I'm not sure if I should count that as a giggle-- it's not an out and out laugh!
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loveneverfails, , so sorry, i hope something turns around in your breastfeeding situation

summer: hot weather blows! and sme, i agree, i totally planned my pregnancy around not being pregnant in the summer! i told my husband if we weren't pregnant by august, we'd have to wait another year .

sizes: charlie seems to be too long for things, but not wide enough . he's in a couple of 3-6 month rompers, one is a PERFECT fit for him right now, and one is still HUGE.

sewcrafty, was she full up, even her hollow leg?

afm, can't keep track of how many weeks we are anymore! charlie turned 3 months june 25th, so i'm just saying he's 3 months... charlie is still having teething pain on and off, not a lot of drool though. he loves chomping on ice wrapped in muslin blanket.

it's getting harder to just cart him around, because he won't necessarily sleep like he used to. so, we can end up with over-tired charlie, no fun! lately when we've taken him out to dinner, he just stays awake, and yesterday we were running around, in and out of the car, and he ended up crying from 7-8:30 on and off, poor little guy. he was SO tired, and didn't get a good nap. i hate thinking we're gonna have to be trapped at home every day for him to be sufficiently rested

it was a fun weekend, but so busy that i didn't get a break in terms of my husband sharing charlie. i've ended up helping MIL and SIL so much lately, and i'm not getting any back. sure would be nice. i'm like, who is the new mom here??

my parents are coming to the US for 6 months in exactly one month, and will get to meet charlie finally. they'll be staying with us for 3 weeks, eek. they don't make the best house guests, as my dad is mr. i-will-leave-stuff-in-every-room-and-pee-on-your-toilet-seats-and-not-respect-your-stuff type guest. we're letting them borrow our car while they look for one to buy. i HOPE that is fast!!
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So.... I said yesterday how Sprout wasn't in any developmental leaps? Well, he's spent a huge chunk of today nursing. Which is totally strange for him, since he only nurses as much as is absolutely necessary for nutrition. He doesn't comfort suck or nurse to calm down, even after vaccinations. But today, he's wanted to nurse at least every hour! Growth spurt, I guess.

Anybody else's LO give themselves hickies? Sprout has them on his wrists, nasty looking ones! If he can suck like that, why can't he maintain a latch?!
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Rhi: We have the silent giggle as well. R's whole face lights up and she gives me this HUGE open mouth smile. Her belly even jiggles. And she does it in response to me being silly. It's a very interactive thing.

Jen: cool. Are you going? Today I caused a small flurry by nursing in the main area of the library instead of hiding way in the family restroom where they have a chair. I refuse to nurse in a bathroom chair or no chair. Gross. But no one said anything to me. I think one of the librarians was going to but I gave her a nasty look and she backed off.

I saw a little tiny newborn today that looked so much like R. Made me sniffle a bit but then I got a big smile from her and thought "Well this stage rocks too."
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i just saw the LLL meeting is in FL - any of the FL moms going. That must be so cool!

Love the silent big smile. though now they are often coming with a chuckle as well.

Did I tell you she bit my nipple 3x today!!! argh!
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heeeee, charlie is trying out a lot of different sounds. i love the wide open grin too. he's interspersing sighs and coos and yells with gutteral stops - must be close to laughing! so fun!

i'd LOVE to go to a nurse-in! just last year there was one at a local denny's. i can only hope... i was in a preschool, nursing in a classroom, and someone offered me a nursing room. really? at a preschool? there weren't even any kids there, it was a holiday! i was just helping MIL organize some stuff, and there were a few other women there preparing for a summer program.
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