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I have had a ridiculously happy squealing baby today, which is definitely cheering me up. I also went to the gym (I'm on a 30 day free trial), which also helps to work out frustrations and stuff.
It's been a decent day overall. Thanks for the hugs, everyone. I really do feel supported here. Much moreso than on the rest of the board in general. I'm really going to be sad when our DDC goes away.
I really need to get around to facebook friending everyone.
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I don't have anyone friended on FB. Has anyone heard from Ivy? I'm starting to get worried.
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
I don't have anyone friended on FB. Has anyone heard from Ivy? I'm starting to get worried.
And why haven't you? Huh? :P

Ivory seems okay on FB and I checked her blog. I don't think things are perfect but she seems to be making it through.
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Lnf, I've looked for ways to fb friend you but didn't see an option. I've also seen ivy online through flickr and her blog.

Today was a wierd day. Anna only ate 4 times. 8:30, 1:30, 4:30 and 8:30. Don't think I didn't offer everytime she was fussy! She has never gone this long between daytime feedings.
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It was 105 degrees here today, pure craziness! We spent the afternoon at the pool which was good and bad. DD1 had a total blast which is great, but still tough with DD2. Poor girl was sweating and sweating until I got her in the water and then I kept wondering is she too hot? too cold? dehydrated? She nursed a ton while we were there and when we got home and I kept her in the shade 90% of the time that we were there, but still. When DD1 was a new baby we just stayed indoors. I never would have taken her anywhere when it was 105 degrees out and certainly not to a pool for 3.5 hours. I just keep telling myself, not everyone has a/c, babies were designed without a/c in mind and going by how I felt (aka if I was hot she was too). Tomorrow we go bowling, much better activity for 105 degree days.
We took DD2 to the movies again yesterday - kid has been to 3 movies and she's not even 3 months old yet! Yesterday was our 7th anniversary so to celebrate we all went to see the last airbender and went out to dinner. DH and DD1 watched the whole cartoon series so he was excited to take her to see the film. I was worried about it being too scary/violent but honestly it wasn't any worse than Toy Story 3. I had DD2 in the beco and she slept through all but the last 15 mins of the movie.
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Hi ladies, just thought id check in and say 'hi'.

Miss Molly and I are doing OK. she is such a slow gainer even though im exclusively pumping, she just 'eats to live' rather than lives to eat I think.

She is *just* 11lbs today and im struggling to get her to take 18oz a day. The ped wanted me to switch out a bottle of breastmilk for a bottle of formula...yeah..not sure how that would help any, so I nodded and didnt do it she does gain weight - just 3-4oz a week rather then 9-10 like my son used to.

we too have the wide gaping grin, but no giggles, Sam was super late to laugh-almost 5 months. I think I have a delayed laughing gene or something!?
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Wish I could ship my hubby off to a crohns colony somewhere far away. He's a real brute right now and we're feeling the brunt of his pain. 2 more days until his next med infusion...can't come soon enough. Never thought I'd be the patient parent and the voice of reason around here. That used to be his claim to fame. Good timing that it's my July holiday week with my kids too.
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
I don't have anyone friended on FB.
That's because you play super secret ninja games on FB. NOBODY CAN SEE YOU TO FRIEND YOU!!

sew_crafty My DH is miserable from the heat - not close to a crohn's attack, but yeesh. You'd think the man was being pulled inside out slowly the way he's been acting. Between him and my DS, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm really the drama queen of the house any more.

It's about 93 degrees now, at 1am. Tomorrow might go up past 100 again, and we have one window unit in the bedroom - the rest of the house has no AC. Oy. I may actually venture to the mall. Hate that place, but the draw of a kids' play area and AC may just be too much.
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I'll totally be at the nurse-in! I was looking forward to being able to participate in them since before I was pregnant.

We have HUGE laughs here. Like giggle-giggle, chuckle-chuckle-chuckle, have to catch his breath.

We've hunkered down for the summer. In Florida, we treat the summer like our winter -- we stay inside in the A/C and rarely venture outside. Plus, in Orlando, staying inside helps avoid the tourists. We start coming out in October and live outdoors through to March. This is my 3rd summer here and I'm just starting to feel kind of adjusted to the heat -- as long as my exposure isn't longer than walking from an air conditioned car to an air conditioned building.
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Potentially record breaking heat here today, too. Record is 101, high today is 100. We shall see!

L's daycare is closed this week for their summer vacation, so a good friend is watching her along with her toddler son this week. Then DH is going to be home with her on Friday. L was so awake and interested in everything yesterday with a toddler and an extra dog running around that she barely napped for my friend. She crashed hard last night and slept for a bunch of hours straight (not sure how many, really). Downside is that I didn't sleep for that many hours straight because I kept having nightmares. Then she woke up at some point to nurse, and basically sleep-nursed all morning long.

I'm exhausted!
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Oh yeah... I am on private on FB. Oops.

I promise I have a good reason, though! Lunatic inlaws are, say, lunatics. I had a restraining order against my husband's father for threatening me when I was pregnant with my oldest son because we did not have an abortion instead, and the last time we saw my mother in law, she was calling my husband by her ex husband's name and didn't understand why he wouldn't go drinking with her in her hotel room at 11pm at night while his wife and children were at home. They're... special.

So, I think that means I have to add all of you! Ah well. It'll be difficult, but a sacrifice that I'm willing to undertake.
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Wow, LNF, I know everyone thinks their inlaws are crazy, but yours take the cake! You may have lost the golden birthstool, but you win the golden, um, crazy-inlaw-stool.
Originally Posted by jenfl View Post
We've hunkered down for the summer. In Florida, we treat the summer like our winter -- we stay inside in the A/C and rarely venture outside.
I had a friend who always said Florida only had 2 seasons: Summer (which they call winter), and Hell (which they call summer).

afm- I have been going to a gym that sent me a coupon for a free 30-day trial as a birthday card. I did a whopping 20 minutes on the elliptical today and it kicked my butt. Hard to believe I used to get on those things for 60+ minutes.
It's also hard to believe I used to run. I can't afford to pay for a gym membership, so I'm hoping I'll be in good enough shape to run again by the time my 30 days is up.
DD2 will be 3 months by then. I heard that you can run with a baby in a jogging stroller as early as 3 months if you can rear-face and recline the seat, but I'm going to ask her doctor first.

I didn't really feel like working out again, but it helps keep me sane when I'm stressed out, so I'm glad I am.
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I feel like I haven't heard from Dena in a while.....
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We're over 14 pounds here (we started out at 7 lb 12 oz) at 11 weeks --he is a good eater from my genetic stock (we are all SOLID).

H is smiling, laughing, cooing, babbling, kneading at the breast, holding fingers while nursing and (yikes, I hope I don't jinx it) I'm awake with insomnia far more than he ever keeps me awake at night He is REALLY strong and likes to stand up and he REALLY wants to look around when he is awake. We baby wear constantly (and are tired of people looking at us like we're torturing him on hot days, "isn't he hot in that?"!) and he gets a bottle once a week so that he can practice for when I start back at work (this Sunday). I'm only half time and do some of my work from home and can take the baby to work, but it's an hour away. How badly do I want to mess with his schedule? Sigh.

In other news...my boss sent out the church newsletter with a cute photo of the baby and I--from his album on my FB page. I am irate b/c she didn't ask permission to use the photo and I have been intentional about things like not posting a profile picture in which his face is visible. So, instead, she mailed his smiling face to 300 people...many of whom I don't know. She also gave the date of "our" return...which is fine, but HE is NOT going back to work, I am. Soooo, my DW will stay home with him on my first Sunday back. Setting boundaries is SO much fun

The end of maternity leave...yuck! But during this last week we've been to 3! parties, spent some time at a friend's pool (my MIL is here all week) we're headed out to lunch today, boat tomorrow, friends over on Saturday. Busy week!

And, I have been around 8 other baby/mamas this week and I was one of two breastfeeding mamas (2 of the moms pump and breastfeed, one for medical reasons the other b/c she doesn't want to NIP). Twice I was offered a private place to nurse and was regaled with stories of how great the "hooter hider" is. I feel like the only nursing mom in this state. Oh well.

That said, H is stirring. He needs to sleep longer but I don't think that's going to happen!
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Ya, denas been quiet on fb this past week too.

Anna made up for her lack of nursing last evening. Went a couple hours straight before she fell deep asleep. Summer has finally arrived here. Not looking forward to bed sharing on hot summer nights.
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summer has just hit here..they are calling for 90+ for six days straight. They've been calling it Junuary and they said they might have to cancel summer it's been so rainy and cold.

i hate heat. I am lucky to have a/c though, still hate heat.
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yup, 93 today, record breaking heat for sure here. it was so nice to get a break for a week or so, but forcasters kept saying after our miserable june (hovering around 90 the whole month) the rest of the summer was supposed to be back to normal, which would be mid-80s tops around here .

mpp hasn't posted lately either...

lnf, our DDC is way better than the general MDC community... i think it's easier to be pushy/judgemental when you don't know someone's background... for some members. my sis posted one question in nighttime parenting and got attacked, so i don't think she'll ever post again. sad, really. i've gotten in trouble twice while trying to defend someone

is anybody trying to elongate naps? like trying to shush/pat baby back to sleep? i haven't been, but i'm trying to encourage charlie to sleep in his hammock and he wakes more frequently there. i'm thinking of sitting near him and patting him, but not picking him up, at least one nap a day. not sure how long to try it....

how do you guys find time to do FB??? i am only at my computer long enough to check in here, and sometimes read or post in diapering or life w/ babe. sometimes i have time to do email... computer time has become utility time for sure.
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P+H, it's around 108 here these days... But, with no humidity the heat's actually pretty bearable, since it only feels super hot when you're standing in the sun.

FB/computer time: I nurse with the laptop nearby, so I have time to do my usual internet stuff (I'm a nerd). I imagine it might be different next time around with a toddler and a newborn, but for now, it's actually pretty easy.
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Hey Peace and Hope? I'm LNF.

I agree, though. I've really enjoyed our DDC. It's like we all agree that there are biological defaults that shouldn't be tossed out the window lightly, but that you have to do what you have to do for the best and most healthy pregnancy, birth and parenting experience you can have even if that means using resources that aren't the default biological norm. Technology is supposed to support nature, not to make it irrelevant. And our DDC seems to have hit that balance. It's been very very good.

I need to find Dena on FB too. I can imagine that approx. 3 month old twins is quite a lot of work, and that the sleep deprivation at this point is probably pretty intense.
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oops, sorry! it's the l&f in laughingfox and lnf, i get you guys mixed up, heh.

cecelia'smama, in the southeast where i am, 93 might as well be 103. the humidity is what really makes it miserable!
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