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Do you wake a leaking baby?

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I've always heard not to wake a *sleeping* baby...so what if that baby is also LEAKING?

Once we changed DD at 5 am when her sleeper was soaked, and it was a DISASTER. So, this morning (after a ROUGH night) DD was soaked again and I just left her asleep. She slept from 7:30-9:15 pretty much soaked. I put a wool pad on the big wet spot on the bed, wrapped a prefold around her bum (wet sleeper still on) and put a hand towel on her other side in case she rolled over.

So now I'm washing the sheets and mattress pad, because they, too, are soaked. I probably should've changed her to avoid such a wet bed, but I didn't want to wake her.

Do you wake your leaking baby?
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I don't wake them but I am usually sleeping as well and am woken by baby to nurse in the night and will change everything then. I think if they are sleeping it can't be bothering them that much so I would try to leave them alone, but my mommy guilt would bet to me.

If they were in just a diaper and was leaving a wet spot on the bed I would put something dry and absorbant under them and leave them till they woke up on their own.
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No. DS sleeps on a thick wool pad next to me, and if he's content to sleep, I let him. Usually it's him waking me up though because of leaks.
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I have my DS sleep in an upcycled wool sleep sack just so I don't have to change him if he leaks, however, if he wakes, I will change him.
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Leaking-yes. My kids are heavy wetters, so I know it'll only get worse! That's about the only time I wake them.
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Since I am sleeping with him and don't want to roll over in pee later, I do wake him. He rarely has leaks, though.
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i always used to go ahead and wake dd up with a change when she leaked, until last week when she woke at 2 thirty am as i was changing her and would not go back to sleep. i had to work long hours the next day so i was NOT happy. lol. never again. next time i'll just stick a prefold under her and call it good.
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Nope. I don't often have leaks, but I would let her sleep.
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Nope. I just do as you did ... put down a towel or prefold or three, and change them when they finally wake. Mine never really slept all that well, so if they were sleeping, regardless of leaking, I let them sleep.
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Is the babe STTN?

My guy wakes at least twice in the night to feed still, and I have no problem changing him then and then feeding him and getting him back to sleep (most of the time). Only once have I had to wake him for leaking - I woke in the night to discover that he had somehow managed to work his diaper off... in the front only, and he was already laying in a puddle. I tossed a towel down under him, changed him to something that wouldn't come off, fed him and put him back to sleep.
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