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Single Teen and Young Mama's Thread

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Hey any young mama's out in the mdc community lurking around? I shouldnt say "teen" i forgot about the rule 18+ for the site.

How about single young mums or you were pretty young when you had your first
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82 views and no young single moms??
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I think there's a young mothers thread in Find Your Tribe. Used to be anyway.

Lots of the views are probably just curious what you were posting. If they're not a young mom, they're not going to respond. (I'm definitely not in that category--had my first at 30!)
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I think it depends on what you mean by young. I'm a 25yo single full time law student mama. My story is long, so I won't get into the whole thing, but you'll see traces of it here and there.

I don't know how many of us single mama's are young - maybe a few more will respond?
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Originally Posted by thyra View Post
I think it depends on what you mean by young. I'm a 25yo single full time law student mama. My story is long, so I won't get into the whole thing, but you'll see traces of it here and there.

I don't know how many of us single mama's are young - maybe a few more will respond?
I had my first at 20 and I'm now 24(almost 25) and expecting #2.

ETA - sorry just realized you were looking for single mamas.
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Naw, I'm an "old" single mama (had DD at 30)
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*raises hand*

I'm 21. I was 19 when I got pregnant and 20 when I gave birth.

There's a young moms thread in parenting, but it hasn't been active for a while. I'm also pretty sure I was the only single mom who ever posted in that thread.
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I got pregnant at 18, had my daughter at 19 and am have recently become single at 21.
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I'm not anymore. I was for a few years-had my youngest at age 17, next at 18 and was basically single and then completely single until dh came around. Good luck, girls!
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oh ill have a peek in the other forums, im new, i didnt know if there was any other tribes for us young pups

well welcome mamas! im 21, i got pregnant at 19 and have been single since conception practically. As far as my son's father, he unfortunately fills the stereotype of being a lazy, alcoholic, drug addict, welfare case. I has a serious lack of judgement and felt like I was in love. I knew him for 3 years prior to getting pregnant, was close with his family, close with his friends, went to all family functions with him but he ran away from me and my baby like a dog with its tail between its legs. I tried living with him for 3 months 7 months after my son was born, which was a huge disaster. He never went to work, he never went to school, he barely helped with our son, never cleaned up our apartment, spent our money on alcohol, and number of other things, the things no one wants to hear about.

But thank god Im not the one with the problem! lol I graduated highschool on time with all university level courses, I had two jobs in between graduating and getting pregnant, I lived on my own when I could, payed my rent did my grocery shopping all that. I didnt know what I wanted to do for schooling, so I went to the school of life experience until my decision was clear. Well isnt having your own child the biggest way to make your future clear. I finally decided on teaching ( only a couple of months ago), pay is not to bad, Im home for his dinners, off on weekends and holidays and I feel comfortable working around children, it comes naturally to me. I was originally going to wait till my baby was 2, but after all the bs with his daddy i moved back to my parents house and am working again and applied to college within a week of being back. So i start the 5 year journey soon, and Im so excieted to be able to get my career going, create the best junior grades classroom EVER and provide the best for my baby.

A little rambling, I know. I just wanted to share how I landed in the teen pregnancy/ single mother boat. I wish I chose a better father for my son and a better man to spend my life with, but Im happy to be a single mother because the alternative sucks. I havent really spoken up about this to alot of people, but maybe you mamas are going through something similar? Or youd like to share your story a bit?

As far as me coming involved with all good things organic and natural, I really became familiar with attachment parenting and all that when I first got pregnant. The first book I got after the positive test was a water birth book. I completely love this way of life, it fits in with exactly what I feel people need and love. My baby is thriving with our lifestyle and I am too.
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I had my son at age 23 (I'm now 24). We were actually married for several years before planning our son...but my ex-husband pretty much had a freak out and turned into his own father (drinking, smoking, being abusive, getting fired from his job, etc)--the marriage was good for several years but then he just started going downhill and I did not want to go down with him.

So right after my son was born I moved in with my parents so I could stay at home with him... I finished my B.A. when I was 20 actually, so now I am just applying to grad school to become a midwife and nurse practitioner...it's a very ambitious 3 year program, but I'm very dedicated to it, so I commend you for getting your education and doing the single parent thing...it is hard, but there is a reason women are strong...
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im 22 had DD at 21. i dont have parents been on my own since 15 raising DD as a single mom although she sees and loves her dad
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Originally Posted by canadianhippie View Post
I shouldnt say "teen" i forgot about the rule 18+ for the site.
We make exceptions for young parents
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iLanaRose, thats a great accomplishment to have your BA by 20, is your ex-husband still involved with your toddler? You were strong enough to leave, it can be easy to get sucked into the ground with them and stay, so many women do.

anielasmommy09, I cant believe you've been on your own since you were 15, thats really good your able to have the daddy there for your baby, what kind of arrangement did you figure out?

Thank you abimommy
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My ex has been living all over the place and his interaction with our child is spotty... he just saw him for the first time in 8 months the other day but then moved yet again and is still jobless. I have full custody only because he didn't fight for any custody; I let him see our son only with someone else there such as myself or parents... on the one hand it's disappointing because you want their father to WANT to be there for their child and more than anything I don't want my son to have to feel the pain of feeling like his dad doesn't love him or something... but on the other hand I know my son is being raised safely and responsibly in my care.
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we dont really have an arrangement i just let him see her unlimited. he temporarily moved back in b/c im going through ome PPD which i did not know could hit anytime in the first year....shes 9 m/o now. we were together for 7years before we broke up and were living together since we were 16 so we aren't so malicious to eachother. it can be rough at times though. he gives me $400 a month for support.

you are sooooo lucky you can live with your parents and go to school! definately do it.
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I didn't know my DS's dad very well when I got pregnant. It was pretty much a summer fling, and I had never planned on seeing him again. He met DS once when he was 2 or 3 months old, but hasn't seen him since then. He occasionally will send me a text or facebook message asking how DS is and saying he wants to come visit, but then he never does. We're better off without him.
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I got pregnant with DD at 19, had her at 19 and became single yesterday at 21.

I guess I belong here now.
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hey canadianhippie since your sig says legalize it does that mean you smoke while your BFing? i know some woman do but it does send a concentrated amount of THC to your baby and IMO its not worth the risk...they say if you do it occasionally its safe but idk i really wouldnt bother. i smoked almost everyday since i was 12 but quit when i got pregnant and havent smoked since. once DD weans i probably will smoke a couple joints a week or a month or w/e when DD goes to bed. anyways just felt compelled to say something...
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