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Looking for HSers in New Fairfield, CT

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I'm a homeschooling mom to an 8-year-boy and a 3 1/2-year-old girl. We've already joined a few homeschooling and homeschooling-friendly groups, but all of them involve about 30 minutes of driving for activities that take place about once or twice a week. We love those groups, but my son really wants to hang out with other kids more frequently. So, what happens is one of the two scenarios - either we drive around to the point when it feels like we have no down-time, or we spend most of our days around home but just as a family. It's not easy to entice someone to come to NF for a playdate.

Unfortunately, we don't have any neighbors my kids could play with. There is a family with children bordering our backyard, but, for some reason, those kids are not at all friendly towards mine, even though my son has tried approaching them several times My husband, who is suspicious of homeschooling, thinks that at least in PS (we pulled my son out midyear) he was surrounded by other kids every day, and at home he's lonely. And I have to agree with his concerns because my son really does want more social interaction. He even told me once that learning would be more fun for him, if other kids were around.

I just thought that if we knew some local homeschooling families, then we could get together more often. I'm hoping to hear from some of you sometime soon. Right now my husband and I have a deal where I will try to make homeschooling work before the end of summer or else we will consider enrolling him in PS again (which I really do not want to do)
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We're in CT, but not over that way, unfortunately. You may already have these links, but if not, check out www.fclct.org/discussions and cthomeschoolersinclusive@yahoogroups.com. Both are CT-specific -- one's a discussion board for CT families who fall somewhere (anywhere) on the crunchy spectrum, and the other's an e-mail list for CT homeschoolers of all varieties and philosophies. Both are good ways to connect with other local families. Good luck!
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We're in New Milford, CT, but I guess that's close to 30 minutes away. My son is 4 and my daughter is 8 months. I was going to send him to preschool this year but it didn't feel right to me and he was very uneasy about it. So, we've decided to give homeschooling a try, it just seems natural. Anyway, I'd love to hear why you decided to hs and maybe we could get together?

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If you go here, you can enter your state and county and see if there are other homeschoolers close to you. It's a good way to meet others in your area.

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Thanks to everyone who replied!

I am already a member of CT Inclusive and will be posting there as well. However, I didn't know about the other two groups, so I'll definitely check them out. Melissa, thanks a lot for responding to my post; I have replied to you privately.
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