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Poison Ivy

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I have a 12 week old daughter. When I was 25 weeks pregnant I broke out in a serious poison ivy rash. It soon consumed my entire body/face and I had to go to the hospital, I am seriously allergic. My husband broke out in it that day and got it on his arms, hands and private parts! I felt terrible for him even though I was the one hospitalized. My dd was fine but they couldn't figure out what it was ( i react to poison ivy different, it doesn't bubble on my skin )
It is happening again. I just have a little bit on my arm and hand and DH has it on the inside of his elbow. I checked dd and she looks fine but I am sooo worried about her. It took a while to show up on DH and i just want to be prepared.... what do I do if she has it? Of course I will call the doctor but should I take her to the ER if it turns up on her? Has anyone here has a severe reaction like mine and if so what did you do to prevent it in the future? I am just hoping I don't pass that to her...
Any thoughts/help!? TIA
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Oral steroids will stop a severe reaction but nursing complicates that I think. My husband is like you and has ER visits anytime he gets exposed. It takes him over. Bendryl (oral) can help with itching so you can sleep and etc. though it won't fix the rash.
I *think* with poison Ivy you have to be exposed once before you react. I don't think she's likely to get it. Keep any blisters covered/not contacting her if you can.
I've heard good stuff about these: http://www.ivydry.com/
I had also found some type of cleanser not long ago that you could use to prevent. My husband thought it looked promising but I can't remember the name or find the link again.
For prevention my husband is just extremely careful. He hasn't had it in many years for that reason. Can you ID ivy? is it around your home? If hiking or similar stay on cleared trails/free of Ivy and wear long pants if you can. Wash any clothing that might have come in contact. That stuff I found could be used for washing things too or wiping down things like shoes. I wish I could find it again.
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Originally Posted by sbgrace View Post
That stuff I found could be used for washing things too or wiping down things like shoes. I wish I could find it again.
You're probably thinking of Tecnu. I have heard that it works pretty well.
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I react horribly to poison ivy and so does my dh. We use a product called Zanfel. It is truly a lifesaver! It is very expensive, but totally worth it if you really react. I think the last time I checked it was about $35 for a tube. It works differently from other products by binding to the urushoil and washing it away. It is safe for pregnant and nursing women. It can also be used along w/oral steroids if you have a systemic reaction. Sorry, don't mean to sound like a commercial, LOL, but we love this stuff!

Check out the site, it's really informative.... Here is its link:


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