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What's for Dinner? -July Thread

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Last night we had take out pizza with garlic bread ...it was so good! Why does food made by someone else always taste better than when I make it?

Today I'm making a cheese and bacon pasta bake dish, with a salad.
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Leftovers from last night: ribs, potato salad, baked beans, grilled bread.
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Very odd - I thought I posted earlier but I can't find it in either thread. I reported that we were going to make Thai sweet potato salad with chicken, but it was too hot to cook the sweet potato. We marinated the chicken in balsamic vinegar, orange juice and oregano, grilled it and served it on a green salad. Tasty, but not as tasty as the sweet potato salad :-(.

It's still hot, so probably salad again tonight.
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T-Bones I'm going to make some ham and cheese triangles (with puff pastry) here in a bit, so we'll snack on those, too.
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Last night dh and I had sandwiches and the boys ate out with mil.

Tonight we're going to my mom's, so who knows what we'll have there.
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We're having sausage patties and pancakes tonight.
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Tonight I'm making steak, something with potatoes (maybe mashed?), and broccoli w/cheese. Probably salad, too. We are going to Chuck E Cheese to meet up with people, but no one actually likes the pizza there, so I'm cooking first.
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We are grilling some sockeye salmon, I haven't decided on side dishes yet
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We are having yellow rice with chicken and sweet peppers skillet, steamed broccoli and cubed sugar baby watermelon from our CSA.
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Tonight is grilled trout and veggies and rice.
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baked pork chops, mashed potato and beans today.
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Tonight we had:

Creamy Tomato and 5 Cheese Shells, Steamed peas, and Garlic Toast
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Grilled pork chops and pineapple upside-down cake. Yum!
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Tonight we're having baked potatoes.
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I am making Cashew Broccoli Chicken over rice. Yummy!
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I had planned to make a stir-fry but it is over 100 degrees today and way too hot to turn the stove on for any length of time.

So, I made a quick grocery run and picked up a rotisserie chicken at Publix. With it, we will have steam in bag(microwave) veggie rice, corn on cob, and a green salad.

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last night we had moose and veggie tacos with guacamole and spanish rice. yum.

tonight...chorizo, egg, zucchini, spinach and onion breakfast burritos...i think.
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home ground beef burgers, bacon wrapped corn.
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Tonight I'm making chicken, rice, and fresh green beans. I shoud probaby get off the computer and get on that
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