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I made prayer beads, and while I don't have any specific prayers I'd like to use for them, I think it will get me settled to finger them and thing about the gods in this way.
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I hope you've had a fun time at camp and that you're ready to carry the "DO IT NOW" energy into the next week! Hopefully we've found a few building blocks of daily practice, tricks to work spirituality and awareness into daily life that can be done right here, right now, nothing extra required. Pull up a tree stump, grab a marshmallow, pour a drink, and grab some building blocks!

Morning Reading/Morning Pages: open a book or a browser and see what the message is!

Morning Card/Evening Cards: grab your tarot deck, rune stones, or other divination tool. Pick one (or more) and see what the theme of the day may be. Then in the evening perhaps grab another card to take with you into the realm of dream. It only takes a moment but wraps your day in mindful meaning!

Making Spirit Physical: camp inspired crafts that bring spiritual oomph to things you'd do anyway. A scarf, piece of jewelry, a bookmark, a symbol drawn on your hand with a pen, a jingle bell on a string tied to your ankle, a message on your doorframe, a windchime in the yard, a wind spinner in the garden, a dvd/cd (or a real live prism) throwing rainbows at random around the room, a postcard or picture above the toilet, an affirmation written on your toothbrush with a sharpie, an offering bowl by the door (for loose change that will be donated annually, for silver beads to gift the fair folk, for table scraps to feed the compost pile while meditating on rebirth, for random pebbles and leaves and feathers the nature spirits send your way), whatever it may be... but something that brings your focus inward on a semi-regular basis, no extra effort required!

Food for Thought: you're making food and eating food anyway, so throw a little mindfullness into the mix! Stir your food with intent, thank the people who provided the food (both the person behind the counter/in the store and the person who grew/harvested/prepared the food), sing or say a blessing, take just 30 seconds to bring awareness and focus to your food! Use a bowl of treats (chocolate, fresh fruit, coffee beans, whatever your treat may be) as a reminder to give thanks, set out a cup of water to soak up the moonlight or charge it with love (write something on the outside of the glass with a sharpie or ceramic paint, or write it on a piece of paper that you wrap around the glass).... but nurture your spirit as you nurture your body and your family.

Soothing Sleep: after the excitement of a day at camp, wind down with meaning. Brush your teeth, scrub your skin, shower with power! Brush or braid your hair to bring the dreams, sip tea or toddy to soothe the soul, light a candle, play a cd, knit one row while asking for sweet sleep/knotting the stress of the day into the fabric (away from you),stretch, do whatever you normally do... but do it "on purpose". Give it an extra burst of meaning.

Just remember... it is better to do something small than to do nothing at all. Don't put things off till you can "do it right" or "do it big". Just DO IT NOW. Before you know it and without any "extra" work you'll find you're living in balance.

Happy camping! Onward into PAGAN SUMMER CAMP WEEK TWO!
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Originally Posted by Emmama View Post
One thing I have been making a lot of in this sweltering week in NY are popsicles. I brewed up some chamomile tea for calming and destressing and blended it with fruit... blueberries and peaches were our faves.
Magickal popsicles, I love it!

Thank you, Clay, for an awesome week
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Thank you Clay! I loved my first week at camp!
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Magical popcicles sound so good!
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yay camp! Thank you, Clay!
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Thanks Clay!! looking forward to week 2
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Week 2 is Up!

Come on over and join us for Week 2 and let the fun continue

Week 2 - Gratitude

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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Nearly forgot because I trimmed the girls' hair a month or so ago...

One evening ritual has been braiding good dreams or wishes into the girls' hair before bed. Some nights I'd pick the "dream" and other nights I'd ask them what they wanted... so some nights dd1 would have a "rain" braid and a "flower" braid, or a "trip to the lake" braid, or "rainbow" braids.

Then in the morning when I comb out their hair the knots were "Faerie Knots" and each one represented something the faeries wanted them to remember, or represented something they did with the faeries during the night. Sort of a way to help them get into the habit of remembering their dreams/trusting their dreams for meaning and message, while also distracting them from the not so fun brushing of hair.

This could be adopted for any age I think, and if there isn't enough hair to braid perhaps make a spritzer of water and EO to spray on the hair at night with a dream/wish attached and then again in the morning? Or use some dried herbs or something in the shower? I think I'll start braiding an itty bitty dream into my own hair, or perhaps make a beaded or woven "dream strand" to put in my hair.

Also... depending on how quick/crafty you are, you might be able to "Do It Now" and decorate a pillowcase or throw pillow with symbols. Anything from embroidery to beads to aplique to markers....

I LOVE THIS!! I really need to do the braids for dd, she wakes up so much at night!! I should do something with a pillowcase for ds too. Probably get some fabric markers and just draw it.

A friend of mine is making dream catches for them.
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