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Going to the doctor/dentist, buying myself clothes, exercising, loving on the dog. At about 2 I find I'm able to start adding things back to the list.
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Buying clothes is a big one!!! I was a lot pickier about clothes before I had LOs... I had time to try on more than one thing. I also knew what size I was and could possibly afford the cute stuff.
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Yoga, hiking, biking, and excercise in general. I finally got back into it, but I have to get up at 5am to do it.
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On days like today it feels like just about everything. I am so exhausted!!!!
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Cleaning does make me go crazy - but that is because I have OCD. In fact, after having both of my boys - that was the one thing I felt 'blue' about - not being able to clean and not having a house clean and organised to my standards.
And my hair (like pp above). I probably could manage better with a much shorter hair cut - so I don't really complain much about that. It has taken me YEARS to grow it out this long!...It won't be like this forever, and my hair doesn't grow that fast - so I will put up with it for awhile!
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Showers at the beginning, it was so hard to make it work with a baby that wanted to be held ALL THE TIME.

Nowadays it is little things that bug me, I have two skirts I love that have to be hand washed, been sitting there for 2 weeks waiting for me to have a moment and to remember when I do. Bringing in stuff from the car beyond the normal things. If it won't spoil, I tend to leave things in the car for a few days because it is so much more of an ordeal to bring things inside with a baby, but it bugs me when I see it. Any yard work (thank goodness we have someone we pay to mow the lawn so at least that gets done) and any cleaning beyond the bare essentials. Yard work bugs me when I go outside and I still haven't quite figured out how to work more of the deep cleaning tasks back into my new normal, I am very thankful that DH tends to clean the floors before they start bothering me, that's the one cleaning thing he really tackles well. Oh, and taking the trash out, now it isn't just laziness that makes it pile up

Also, for awhile I was really shortchanging myself on recharge time, both alone time and couple time with DH. I have since remedied that, but that really hurt for awhile.
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Buying clothes is the big one for me. My shape changed after babies/breastfeeding, and it's really hard to find time to go try on clothes (cause I no longer know what is flattering/fits well) without little kids crying and hanging on me. Drives me nuts. And makes me jealous that dh gets to go on his lunch hour.

Sure, I could go shopping at night, but by 8pm, I am tired. And the desire to browse and try on things just isn't there.
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Everything. For the first year it was just ridiculously too hard to do much of anything. Showers, dishes, floor cleaning, laundry, getting dressed, sleeping, reading, dusting, shopping, dentist... everything. if I could actually remember to do something, then I was too tired to do it. If I had the energy to do it, the baby NEEDED me and I couldn't do much of anything while holding her (even while wearing her... I couldn't figure it out as she still got in the way and I got nervous bending over with her on me)

I'm finally getting the hang of taking care of a now young toddler and everything else bahaha
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