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Please tell me about your tooth veneers

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I recently got lucky and have some extra money to do something I've wanted to do forever---get veneers on my teeth! I have a gap in my two front teeth, and my dentist (whom I trust) gave me the idea of bleaching first, then putting on just 2 front veneers to save $ instead of the usual top 6.

I would like to know from you mamas;
if you have veneers, did you bleach first? \\
If you bleach first, and then do veneers then do you have to bleach forever and ever to match the veneers?
ARe you happy with your veneers?
How many did you get?
Did you get them to close a gap?

My sister got the top 4 or 6 years ago and did not do bleaching beforehand. Hers look good, but I think her teeth may be a tad whiter than mine. I am also not pleased with the color of my teeth.

This is a big expense, and I may not even do it but since I am "allowed" to have this frivolous indulgence I may as well do my homework!

Any facts/thoughts/etc. are appreciated

Thanks so much
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When I was a child, I jumped off of a picnic table and broke my front teeth. To this day I can still remember how it felt to have concrete hit teeth.

Anyway... I had them bonded. However, when I was 18, I got veneers.

I regret that decision and will regret it forever. I don't know if they still do it the same way, but they had to grind down the tiny teeth I did have until they are practically not there. If they break, and they eventually will, they will be very expensive to replace. I have had them replaced once before and I went two weeks without front teeth waiting for them to be made. Also, insurance does not cover this.

So, no, I would not do it. I would run, run, run away from that if I had the chance to do it all over again.
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They have veneers now that involve very little abrading of your own teeth and are as thin as contacts. I don't know anyone who has gotten them recently and regrets it. I'd LOVE to have mine done one day.
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Moving to the dental forum.
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I don't see any replies, yet it says there are 4. Where are they? anyone?

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