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Repairing toddler enamel defect

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D2 had his top 4 teeth removed when he was 2 due them basically disintegrating. The dentist tried to convince me it was due to breastfeeding. Ds3's teeth came in streaky, like ds2's did, & I've realized it's probably an enamel defect. He has little tiny patches of white on his top teeth, but the rest is grey. I'm worried we're going to have the same issues with him as we did with ds2 (who is still speech delayed at least partially due to missing those teeth.

Is there anything that can be done to rebuild/encourage enamel for a toddler?
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All the dental health threads are about treating enamel.

Heh, thought you were talking about a LO with brand new teeth.
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Have you considered a Traditional Foods diet?
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I think he must be on solids, right?

You could certainly try cell salts right away -- kids love the taste, so that wouldn't be hard to add. And then look at his levels of nutrient-dense foods, following the sticky above -- how does he look on that stuff?
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I would ABSOLUTELY do cell salts. No question. That and a nutrient dense diet. Dd didn't have enamel on her teeth when they first came in. We used cell salts, homeopathy and nutrition (dietary modification and supplementation) It turned it around and her teeth are fabulous. I can't say enough about cell salts in particular.
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