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Mama Cloth Slippage!!

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So I've tried a few cloth pads from Party in my Pants and the long styles work great, but regular and liner sizes slip backwards as I walk!! Customer Care at PIMP recommended using well-fitting panties which I have done--even bought a few new ones to try! Loving mama cloth but a little scared to try it out of the house with the slipping!! Any ideas??
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I have that problem as well. I mine doesn't slip real fast so I will just visit the rest room and readjust and head on my way lol. Not totally convient but works. I have lots of styles and material and they all do it so I just learned to live with it.
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I was going to post about this, I bought a few from a well-reviewed maker to try, even though I got the small size (2.5" width) they are still way too big for the crotch of my panties when snapped and they slip all over the place. I was curious if this was normal or just because I wear XS.
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I find for me it has to be a pretty close fit with the crotch of my undies. So what I did when buying cloth pads is measure my undies at the narrowest part and get pads in that width. I don't need to adjust more often than I'd normally go to the bathroom anyway (say every couple of hours?). Homestead Emporium has some very narrow choices esp. in the liners, the smallest are 2 inches across. And you can get stuff custom-made of course too from many sellers.
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Mine bunch. Its not fun. I think maybe we need more points of attachment than just the one snap.

Maybe an entire panty system with snaps spaced to match the mama cloth! I would pay quite a fee once to have this setup.
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Was just talking to a friend about that! What about panties for your period with snaps on the panties so slipping and bunching isn't such a problem! I'm not crafty at all--we need some crafty or etsy mamas to help! LOL!
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After I had two incidents of mamacloth jumping overboard I knew I needed a change. I created a system where I sewed in buttons on my panties and button holes on my mamacloth. It works beautifully. No more mamacloth coming out at the worst possible moments now
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I have some from TreeHugger, and I haven't had any issues with this at all. Maybe I'm just lucky with the way they fit me? Ola, I know you were trying these, do you find they slip? Mine are quite snug around the crotch of my underwear, maybe that's the key?
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I only use pads with wings, so maybe that's why mine stay in place? Granted, they can still slip but you'd have to tug hard on one end or the other to get them to move back or forth in my panties.
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I find I have more slippage when I'm wearing a skirt than when wearing pants. I think the friction from the pants helps hold the pad in place. In a skirt I just resign myself to routinely checking for slippage.
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Lunapads makes panties with pads sewn right into the gusset.

I, too, have found slippage occurs. It seems to happen with the very short pantyliners. And with my older ones.
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Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post
I have some from TreeHugger, and I haven't had any issues with this at all. Maybe I'm just lucky with the way they fit me? Ola, I know you were trying these, do you find they slip?
I just received mine but haven't had the chance to use them yet. In looking at them though the fleece backing seems more "fuzzy" than the other pads I have so I suspect it will keep it in place just fine.
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The shorter liners from them always slip for me, too! Is it because of the nylon? I have shorter liners from other sellers (same dimensions) and theirs never slip.

NewDirections, the button idea is fabulous... I'll have to give that a shot.
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That makes sense about the back being fuzzy and more 'grippy'. Because they're the only ones I have, I never thought about it!
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Did you know you could make cloth tampons?!
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I'm new to cloth, so no firsthand experience, but I've read that pads with fleece on the panty side slip less. I believe that fleece bottoms usually don't have any other waterproofing since fleece is water resistant, but you could either custom order them like that, or just get a bit of fleece, cut it to fit your existing pad (it doesn't fray), then stitch it on. I would probably do that at least as a test before ordering any with fleece.
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This is gonna sound weird but I wear old bathing suit bottoms over my undies... It keeps everything super close to my body & nothing slips. Even before I switched to cloth I couldn't stand the shifting & feared I'd leak. Regular undies just don't fit close enough on their own for me.
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Originally Posted by bcblondie View Post
Did you know you could make cloth tampons?!
yes, they are quite simple to make and easy to use. i got the idea from the


website, very interesting place to spend an afternoon

that was quite a few years back, i prefer them, no leakage at all and i make them out of all manner of absorbent fabrics that i recycle,

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Thanks for the link. I made some out of flannel and so far I've found they work great. I can even make them a little bigger because superplus disposables last me like an hour.
I rotate between that and the diva cup to keep from drying things out too much down there.
I agree. No leaks.
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Look what I found! Great information from the sew, serge, embroider mamas who had ideas and links to ideas to decrease slipping! Here's the link:


I am thinking flannel or fleece as a layer under the pad might decrease slippage from the PUL. Think I might try a simple layer of flannel, not attached to the pad, just placed under it. Hope it works!
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