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Care Provider

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Hi Jaime!

I think I'm pregnant and know I will be soon if I'm not already!

I'm concerned about what care provider/midwife to go through. I went through a midwife group for my last pregnancy and think that I had an unecessary c-section, so I do not want to use them again (and for other reasons). My little girl was breech and they would not let me go to full term and labor, which is really all I wanted. SO...I have a few options and wonder who will be the best match for me and for my needs. My number one goal is to birth vaginally, but would also like to naturally and at home and for it to be someone that I like/feel comfortable with.

So, should I work with Dr. Susan Ehrsam, Dr. David Hayes, or DeEtte?

Thank you for your insight!
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More babies. How fun!

Interestingly, I am not feeling a pull towards any of them. Three choices is great, but I'm honestly not feeling any of them. Is there someone else you maybe thought you wouldn't consider? I feel like it is a woman. But it's not one of the choices you gave me. This woman feels like a midwife and she might be a little bit of a distance away. Say within 30-45 minutes. She is middle aged. Small practice. I would look around some more. Good luck, I know what an impt. decision this is!
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Yes...there is someone else in Barnardsville/Bakersville area that I considered at first. She is a well known midwife (written many articles in midwifery today) who lives around 30-40 minutes away and she is middle aged, short-gray hair. She also has a load of herbal, oil and homeopathic formulas that she's created that she sells and uses in her practice. I think she is somewhat of a legend as she is the only midwife that is legally allowed to attend homebirths in the state of NC and has been a midwife since 1958. She must be who you're talking about! I have to interview with her first to see if she'll even take me since I'm out of her county, but I'll give it a try!

I so appreciate all the guidance you provide! It's funny...my gut told me to go with this lady in the beginning, but I listened to someone who made a negative comment about her and decided to go more local.
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