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inflatable bounce house?

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my kids want a trampoline but I am too nervous. does anyone have an inflatable bounce house? is it a good alternative? I am thinking about getting one for them and need feedback from those that have BTDT!
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we had access to one for a while. it was awesome. it was a carnival sized one (like huge) it took up our entire yard, killed the grass, it was loud, itgot rained on and smelled awful. It was possibly the most awesome thing ever. Ds was a little over 1yo and still loves a moon bounce more than anything.

I dunno about a smaller like home sized one. We used to use one at a school I worked at, it was used mostly by little kids, like 18 months to 3 yos and sometimes some older siblings. They loved it, but I couldn't fit in it to jump
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We have friends who own a smaller one - I asked about it at a birthday party, and she said they weren't renting, but that they had bought it online b/c it was worth it to pull it out for parties and celebrations. it seemed safe enough to me - even with several kids in it at once.

My kids would love it - we have neighbors who rent the huge ones for b-days, and my kids love to jump in them. Putting them up and taking them down doesn't seem to take as long as I imagined.
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this is the one I am considering, though I will look around a bit.
(as an added bonus is it is cheaper than the trampoline!)


how long does it take to take these down? I don't want it to sit in the rain!
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i don't know about that one in particular. sorry! but i have seen the little tikes one, which is on the small side, go up & down & it was a breeze. stored nice & compact in their shed in it's own bag.

our 2.5 yo, another 4 yo & a 6 & 5 yo bounced in it but would sometimes bounce into eachother. it would be awesome for just 2 or 3 kids in that age group.

we go to many parties w/ the big ones rented & the kids spend the whole day in there. they really love them.

we are in the process of selling our home & looking closer to family. if we end up w/ enough yard space, i would be researching getting one too!
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I randomly found this one brand new at a second hand store for dirt cheap and picked it up and it is awesome . It is great for my two kids in the back yard with a friend or two (def. not a whole party of kids, but for a playdate or the random visit from the neighbor kids in the evening it's perfect!). I can set it up myself (no dad muscle needed- it's not complicated or unweildy or requiring any difficult maneuvers or any tools of any kind) in about 5 minutes and it takes about a minute to inflate/deflate and we put it away as soon as the fun is over to prevent damage. It comes with a blower which is really quiet (maybe... a loud hairdryer?). Honestly, if our house was bigger, I could even see setting it up inside. It also has it's own bag, so when it is put away, it is about 2 ft by 3 ft. and stores easily in the garage or closet.

I am also not into trampolines, and this is a great alternative. No hard parts, fully enclosed on the sides, and this one is pretty firm, meaning nice for a fun bounce but not enough to get air serious enough for flips or real wild stuff.

I never saw myself as an "own a bounce house" person, but it was like, the best $60 I've spent all year!
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do it
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