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Boy Name Poll

Poll Results: Which name do you prefer for a baby boy?

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Hi guys, I wanted to get some opinions on these, our top two boy names. My husband and I both feel as though we could feel good about naming our son one of these names, if he/she comes out a boy. However, we've been waffling back and forth, so I wanted to get some opinions and reactions from everyone here. The names are Luca and August. At first we were leaning towards Luca August, but now we are thinking that we prefer August? Honestly I like both.

FYI our top girl name as of right now is Eliza... either Eliza Wren, Eliza Clementine, or Eliza Vivian. Or Eliza something else! We're pretty much withholding judgement until we meet the baby... I am hoping that we can react with certainty when we see his/her little face!
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While I prefer Luca anyway, I don't like the idea of a baby named August that is born in August. However I guess I am biased since I have family that nicknamed the 2 kids in their family, 1 is July since he was born in July & the other is Sunday because she was born on a Sunday. It kind of makes me crazy
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I like Luca.

How about Augustus instead of August?
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I like Luca.

August always makes me think of "Augustus Gloop, the great big greedy nincompoop" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
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The only Luca I ever met was a little girl. I love August as a name, nn Gus.

Am I dddc crashing? Yeah, I guess so! Best wishes on your pregnancies, y'all!
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I like both, but i voted for Luca, too. If there were a third option, "wait till we see him and see what fits," then I'd have chosen that. That being said, we've known for YEARS what we wanted to name our first daughter. So my goodness, I hope it fits her!!!
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I love the name August. I think I'd personally prefer Lucas to Luca . . . Luca remind me of that song about the abused woman. ("Hi, my name is Luca, I live on the second floor . . .")
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Our girl name we've chosen is Lucca. So I'm partial. I really love August but since it's an August baby, I don't think I could do it. Seems cheesy to me.

We loved the name Leo but once we realized the babe would BE a Leo we just couldn't bring ourselves to use the name. (okay, so DH was the deciding factor in that one..I was kinda still hanging onto Leo...)

I say Luca.
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Thanks for the opinions guys. I have kind of worried it was cheesy to name and August baby August, but it was really not part of our thought process when we thought of the name, so I haven't thought about that aspect of it very much. I wonder if people will always say to him "Oh, were you born in August??" -- if not, no one will even neccessarily know he was an August baby. Kind of like the middle name thing -- no one KNOWS your middle name unless you tell them, usually.

We are definitely going to wait and see, but I wanted to get some initial reactions from you ladies. I have been tossing these around in my head for so long that I completely lack perspective on them.

Aubergine, I have a friend whose nephew is named August, and is called Gus. Actually her middle name is Augustina, and her brother's middle is August as well -- it's quite the pervasive family name. She's Italian.
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Love August.

Luca makes me sing the Suzanne Vega song about the battered kid.
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I like both names a lot, but I'd probably choose Luca. I knew a really great Luca in school so my association with that name is with him, and not so much with the song (which is about a boy, not a woman!)

BTW, that song was quite popular at the time and it really wasn't a big deal - use it if you love it!
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I like both, but I voted for August. I do like when month names actually reflect the month the kid was born. Drives me crazy to hear of an April born in September. I love the name June, but we're not having a June baby. We briefly considered Augustine, but I'm not crazy about Gussie for a nickname. I think Gus is an absolutely adorable nickname for a little boy, though.

You didn't ask, but Eliza Wren is my favorite of your girl choices, simply because I think it rolls of the tongue easiest. You're a southern girl like me, and you know how we like to use both names
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