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Did you use a doula?

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Hey multiple moms,

I got a call today from my first twin mom. These are her first babies/first birth.

I haven't had the opportunity to support a multiple mama before but am excited about it.

If you used a doula, what did she do that was helpful to you? What advice do you have for a doula working with a mom who is having twins?
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I was a first time mom and did have a wonderful doula. Don't know how much was different than any other first timer. Although I did have a homebirth.

My doula was wonderful. She brought the best cookies and just hung out with me through the whole process, very patiently. I probably called too early, but she went with it. She walked with me, and talked me through things. Just awesome moral support from someone who had BTDT fairly recently, and in a way that freed my mom and DH up to attend to other things - like food for the midwife and her assistants, checking on the birthing pool.

So sorry, no good twin-specific suggestions, but best wishes! My doula was one of the best parts of my twin birth!
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It's official! I met with them today and they want me to be their doula. Any other tips, mamas?
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We had a hospital birth and ended up with a c/s. Our doula runs a volunteer doula program at another hospital and has loads of hospital experience. She managed to worm her way into the OR with us which was wonderful because my husband was able to accompany my daughter to the nursery and she was able to stay with me and my son.
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