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Originally Posted by jcregan View Post
I feel like I have forgotten everything from when I was pregnant with her and when she was a baby and I kind of have to learn it all over again.
Tell me about it! My older one is 8 1/2 and my younger one is 5 1/2! They will be 9 and 6 in November and December. I'm so far out of baby phase I have no idea how I'm going to get back in the swing of it!

I don't plan to tell my kids until about 11 or 12 weeks, or until I can't hide it any more.
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I'm also in the camp where my baby is not a baby anymore. She's going to be 4yrs old in 2 days. So I'm out of that phase too. I'm only in it because I do childcare and so I always changing diapers and similar stuff but it will be different when I go out with only my girls.
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I went to the acupuncturist today. She said, based on my pulse, that she thinks I'm having a boy. I know she has a 50/50 shot on the guess, but I am not looking forward to the circ debate with DH if this is true.

Originally Posted by dislocator3972 View Post
I would be SO HAPPY if it were twins. I'm already SO HAPPY but twins would be a gift too. Intimidating for sure, but wonderful.

My favorite pregnancy symptom so far: How GOOD food tastes. Unbelievable. I might consider being a surrogate so that I can keep tasting food like this. *drool*
I cannot wait to see if she is right or not about twins. And if you could figure out how you're working that food thing and let the rest of us know, that would be great, m'k?

Originally Posted by AnnieA View Post
6 weeks today and here's the stomach issues. I feel like I have food poisoning or I'm hung over. No throwing up yet thank goodness! The only thing that sounded good to me this morning was a biscuit from McD's.
I could eat one of those biscuits everyday, and I really don't like eating at McDs. We have this framed in our kitchen, and we've nicknamed the baby 'Biscuit'. I am right there with you, Annie! I see you're in VA... have you ever heard of Biscuit World in WV??

Originally Posted by Lousli View Post
I figured out that as long as I don't have coffee, I don't get diarrhea. But I'm going a little crazy without coffee. I bet I could handle tea, and get a least a little caffeine kick, right?
I have cut dramatically back on the coffee, but I cannot form sentences without just a bit, so I make my morning pot with 1/3 regular and 2/3 decaf. That one scoop of regular coffee is my sanity.
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Lousli - what do you teach? I teach kindergarten. Will you finish out the school year after taking a maternity leave? I am very excited about hopefully being able to stay home until the following fall. With DS I missed the beginning of the school year and it was difficult.

I'm feeling pretty good but napping every day when ds naps. I'm hungrier than usual, but not feeling nauseous yet. I usually have food aversions and so far I just haven't been able to eat my chicken once.

My main pg symptoms are usually bloating and constipation. True again for me this time around.
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6 weeks today ... getting excited, but hoping the next 6 weeks go by QUICKLY!

I'm not sure which is worse: extreme nausea and reflux or full-blown morning sickness. I had bad morning sickness last time, but this 24 hour extreme nausea and reflux when I eat even just a few bites is just as bad. At least with the morning sickness I could eat more and felt better for a while after being sick!
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