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knitted teething toys

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i read in "the baby book" that babies prefer the feel of cloth to chew while teething. my little guy isn't holding his own stuff to chew yet, but i was thinking i might try to make something out of wool. maybe a little knitted animal or something.

any ideas? what would you stuff it with to make it firm enough for a good chomping? my guy already likes to chew on ice wrapped in cloth.

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I think a short chain (4 or 5 links) like this would be cute and pretty good for teething
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very cool idea! i think i'll use small needles, maybe the 2s i have to make it more bulky, nosh-able

thanks for the great idea!
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I don't know about a knitted teething toy... I would be thinking of all the fibers and just general fuzz that would get in their mouth and swallowed. A cloth teething toy would be ok because you don't usually get fuzz with cloth.
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well, he likes it ok. i used four different yarns in contrasting colors, a very bulky wool, chenille, cotton and merino. used size 2s and made the loops slightly different sizes.

it's not as chewy as i'd like. i think i'd need to make something with some stuffing to have it be really "toothsome". or, all wool, make the loops wider and larger circumference then felt.... hmm.... but he likes looking at it and playing with it.

i guess the fibers COULD be a problem once he has teeth. i'll just keep an eye on it. i don't think smooth fabric would have the same noshing comfort.
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I made my baby a knitted toy that I then fulled/felted (not specifically for teething, but everything goes in the mouth, of course!) - it works really well. I did shave off the worst of the fuzz after felting it, so he doesn't swallow any or anything.
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this is crochet. i don't know to knit so i only know of crochet patterns off hand... this is SOO easy mabie you could figure out how to knit it or mabie you can crochet too?
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