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Cloth diapering

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I used cloth for DD2 and really want to do the same for these babies when they come, but I'm having a tough time figuring out how much of everything I am going to need. I didn't start cloth w/ DD until she was about 4 months old, so completely skipped over the newborn stage. I have a couple dozen unbleached infant PF's, 10 infant-sized UTN fitteds and 2 dozen regular CPF's and some random covers leftover from DD, but I'm still going to have to buy lots to get stocked back up. My question is, if I'm using mostly prefolds/Snappis/covers in the beginning, what sizes should I buy if I plan on CD'ing right from the minute they come home from the hospital, and how many of each size do you think I'll need?
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I exclusively CD my girls from the beginning and got all of my supplies from www.greenmountaindiapers.com. I started with 6 dozen orange pre-folds and I think around 12 thirsties. It seems to be enough diapers to last two to three days without doing laundry although I typically do a load per day just to keep up. Good luck!
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we started with 25 small/newborn covers and maybe 5 dozen small prefolds. that worked very well for exclusively cd'ing our twins.
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everyone always has more dipes than me

i started with the cloth as soon as my preemie babes could fit into it. always used all-in-ones for convenience. i've always had a stash of 26 (random number, i know), which has always been enough. i do a wash every night. personally wouldn't want them hanging out longer than that, but if you don't want to wash every night, you will surely need more....
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We have 3 dozen infant prefolds and 8 Thirsties Duo covers, and it's plenty. We do wash every day though. Good luck!!!
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I had 4 dozen newborn prefolds, 12 kissluvs 0's (which were used by helpers) and 12 newborn/ x-small covers (thirsties). That worked very well for us for the newborn stage. I did buy preemie prefolds and 4 x-small fuzzibunz but the preemie prefolds were the exact same size as the newborn and so not worth the money (I didn't know any better or I wouldn't have gotten them) We never did use the fuzzibunz so they were a waste too.

Once they were done w/ the newborn diapers I had 4 dozen premium infant prefolds and 12 small thirsties covers. (My babies pooped at least 8x a day until they started eating solids so lots of covers were a must for us.)

Now I have 4 dozen premium prefolds, 6 snapless fitteds from Sbish for going out and 8 OBF Sbish fitteds for nighttime. I use 4 Sbish wool soakers for the day and 2 Sbish wool longies for night w/ t-shirts on top. I also have 4 medium thirsties covers for going out, as the wool is a bit too bulky under their "going out clothes".

I was washing every other day but was having too many diapers in a load so now I do every day or day and a half. I could do w/ 3 dozen premium prefolds (they are almost 1 and don't need as many diapers) but it is nice to have the extras "just in case".

Good luck!
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I had way more than any person should ever have! In total 36 Kissaluvs 0, 17 covers, a few Kushies AIO's, and five XS FuzziBunz. I still wanted to wash every couple days so many never got touched.

You really only need about 12 dipes per day per baby and a few covers. Once I switched to my small FuzziBunz I think I have 28. I'll see if I can find time to count and let you know. I just washed. So with the exception of the one on DS's bottom I should get the right number.

Everyone told me I was nuts for trying to CD twins (well, everyone not on MDC). It hasn't been anywhere near how hard they made it sound. In fact, I find it much easier than going out with four kiddos to buy sposies!
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We had 4 dozen infant prefolds for the first few months and then 2 dozen prefolds. We used Bummis SWW as our covers exclusively. I think we had 5-10 covers of any given size. Sounds like you've got plenty!
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