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2 sacs, one heartbeat

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Hi everyone,

I had my 2nd scan at 6 weeks to the day. There were two sacs and one heartbeat. The second sac was slightly smaller and it looked empty but the dr saw a slight shadow in it. Maybe a yolk? My hcg was slightly over 16000. Dr said she does not think that there will be a 2nd heartbeat but you never know. I am scheduled for another scan on saturday.

I have been googling and searching for people with similar experiences and am wondering if its just too early to count baby 2 out. I suppose its too early to really count baby 1 in so i'm pretty much obsessing over stuff that i shouldn't be thinking about. I just feel that maybe the 2nd is smaller and developing slightly slower. Or maybe its a blighted ovum? My heart says that even if the statistics are against me, and i don't know if they are, it is so amazing that we got pregnant this month after trying for nearly two years. My father in law had a stroke during o week and we were only able to dtd once 3 days before o day! We feel blessed and i don't take one heartbeat for granted. Just hopeful and curious. Any stories for me?
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I don't have any personal stories about twins, but I think 6 weeks is too early to rule out a viable baby just because there isn't a heartbeat yet. Hopefully your recheck will show some growth on the second sac and a nice heartbeat. to you.
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One of my good friends in my local Moms of Multiples group had something similar. I don't know all the details but at 6 weeks the OB saw 2 sacs, one measuring 6 week with a HB and one measuring 5 wks, no heartbeat. He told her she probably had a vanishing twin but that the other baby had a good strong HB and would probably be fine. When she went back at 12 weeks she had 2 healthy babies. Her twins are fraternal boys, now 17 months old and adorable. Surprisingly the "late bloomer" is the bigger boy at 30 lbs and his brother is 23 lbs.

Goodluck! I'll be keeping an eye out for your update!
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I had the same thing happen. At my 6 week US my RE saw two sacs- one was much smaller with no heartbeat or yolk sac while the other one had a strong heartbeat. They didn't think the second would survive. Last week we went to our 8 week scan and the second sac now has a pole and yolk sac but no heartbeat. They are still thinking that it has died somewhere along the way. I go back again next week for our 10 week First OB appointment. I am thankful that one is very strong, but maybe it will still grow and form a baby. They did say that a lot of women may start with two embroyos but never know because very few women get US earlier than 8 weeks.
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ITA with Michelle! Congrats, mama!
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thanks ladies for your responses. makes me hopeful!

pugmomma if the yolk sac and fetal pole developed i would say things are looking good.

if i have learned anything this year it is never count yourself out and doctors don't know everything.
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Also, if the twins are fraternal, ovulation and fertilization could have happened days apart, which counts for a LOT when measure little 5-and-6-week-old embryos.
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Originally Posted by iheartmyfamily View Post
if i have learned anything this year it is never count yourself out and doctors don't know everything.
I hear that, Mama !

Good luck!
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