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Weekly Chat Thread ~July7th-14th~

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Hello summer!
I'm not sure about you mamas, but summer has been slooooow in coming here this year.. we have a had a few warm days, but it has been equally rainy and chilly.. but it looks like summer may have finally found us in the mountains of BC yesterday was beautifully warm and the next week is supposed to be the same. my little's and I spent the afternoon with some friends on the beach and came home all glowey and filled with Vit. D.. I took my thermos filled with nettle, Red raspberry leaf & alfalfa tea with me and today I feel so much better than I have in months.. I think I have been depleted and though I have been taking my vitamins lately they dont seem to do the same for me as a good pregnancy tea. Im drinking more already today and plan to continue for the rest of my pregnancy. Im not sure why it took me so long to start
so if you are feeling exhausted, try some nettle/RRL tea!!

I do have some house stuff today but I plan to escape to the beach again later. its too good to pass up!

dp is plumbing in our new sink in the kitchen and I stained our counter-tops yesterday so our kitchen is almost done!

Happy july everyone!
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I had the worst day ever yesterday. Sunburn, flat tire, whiny, cranky toddler, 95 degree heat and the power went off from 9:30-11:30pm on our entire street, causing everyone to go outside and run up and down the street screeching, while we were stuck inside with no a/c, unable to leave the bedroom (our 15 month old was sleeping and the monitor didn't have power) and unable to open the windows due to the extreme amount of noise. I didn't get to sleep until 1am (usually I'm passed out by 10pm).

Luckily, my awesome husband woke up with my son at 7:30 this morning, allowing me to sleep until 9:15am I swear I haven't slept in that late since Wyatt was born! And the a/c is blasting, so the bedrooms are a comfortable 75ish while my son is napping and I'm vegging. At least today is shaping up to be better then yesterday!
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Summer has been here for a looong time. Not happy looking at my a/c bill, either. Sigh. Will be SO glad to move to a new, energy efficient home!

A friend is coming over to help us with some packing today. Getting ready (finally) for pictures and finally, really showing our house. It's good and terrifying all at once.
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We're on the 3rd and hopefully last day of a heat wave here in the Northeast. It was up near 100 for the past 2 days and we have no AC at home. Since my kids and dh were still out of town, I just stayed at work as much as possible. Today they're all back and jetlagged so we're trying to veg out at home and stay cool. This heat is unusual for our area... they say the temps haven't reached this high for the past 8 summers.
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It is just plain hot here. I stayed home today to sleep in the air conditioning instead of going to the beach with some friends. It is too hot, there is a heat advisory and warnings of heat stroke. We have two window ac units that are attempting to cool our house, it works enough to make it more comfortable. I was actually looking forward to going to work because they keep the ac at like 70.

I should find out on Tuesday if we are having a boy or a girl. We already have one boy and I am starting to lean to wanting another boy. I guess I am just familiar with having a boy and have all boy stuff. Also everyone seems to want me to have a girl and I am worried they'll put strange expectations on girls. But really either way I just want a baby!
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It has been SO crazy hot here...we've basically been stuck inside most of the day. My girlfriend and I are hitting the beach tomorrow with our 4 boys (the oldest two are 3.75, the youngest two are almost 2)! I'm hoping that we can basically just park our beach chairs in the water and let them run around all day!

We've been so busy the last few weeks---out of town 11 of the last 15 days, which makes for lots of laundry and kids on no semblance of a schedule. Add to that we have guests staying the next two weekends and I'm almost wishing summer was over already! I shouldn't complain, it's been lots of fun, and will only get more so, right?
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We're vacationing on the east coast and it has been SO hot. Looking forward to going to NYC tomorrow to see my brother-in-law. He has a tiny one bedroom apartment, but has 2 window units! He doesn't pay for utilities either, so I don't worry about cranking that thing up. This vacation has been weird to say the least. In fact, dh and I have talked that maybe we don't want to take a vacation next year because this one has been so wacky.

Anybody else dealing with swelling? In this heat and since we're traveling, I haven't been able to do much to keep my feet up - and I can tell. I'm lucky that I brought my big shoes with me. I don't know what else to do other than stay super hydrated.
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We are on day 1 (or day 2, depending on how you count it) of a heat wave here. It was mid-80s yesterday, low 90s today, upper 90s tomorrow. Temps aren't really supposed to cool too much until Wed. It's such a contrast to the cold camping trip we just took! And wouldn't you know it, the weather is PERFECT at that campground right now

DH worked hard today installing the window a/c, putting up solar shades and insulated curtains. Then he went to get a massage, so I don't feel too badly for him! And I'm sitting in the air conditioned shop right now. Ahhhhhh....

Had another midwife appt. today, and she reiterated that the ultrasound showed a healthy little girl. No problems seen whatsoever. Unless you count the darn placenta previa. MW is confident it will move, though.
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I'm sorry everyone's so miserable in the heat. I'm a total freeze baby and am loving it. Not really a fan of the a/c, but we run it for my husband's sake. I go sit on the back deck when I get too chilled in the house so I can get nice and toasty again.

I had a mw appt yesterday and was pleased and shocked to discover that I'd gained 5 lbs in 5 weeks! With my other two pregnancies, I barely made it to gaining 20 lbs by the time I delivered, so I'm guessing that this one will be different. I think the Unisom is really helping me feel well and enabling me to eat like a normal person! I discovered that I have rectus diastasus (sp?), so that stinks, but everything else seems to be perfect, so I can't complain. My fundus is right above my umbilicus and I'm 21 weeks.

I'm feeling lots of movement, but because of my anterior placenta, it's more vague, like heavy twinges (if that makes sense) vs distinct kicks or punches, unless they're really high or down low. I almost think that I can feel things more distinctly from the outside than I can from the inside. That being said, it's still disruptive enough that when I lie down to go to sleep at night, I need to wait for her to "get settled" before I can fall asleep. I love to think of my little girl in there getting comfy!

Hope everyone has a nice week and is able to stay cool!
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Wah! I have the worst acid stomach going on right now... I'm afraid of another repeat of last night. I woke up at 3:30am to vomit stomach acid. Blech!!

We've spent the last two days at the beach.. it's been great! Summer is in full force here and it's nice. I'm a baby when it come to the cold as well (not sure why I live in Northern Illinois where we are cold 9mos out of the year ) so I'm really enjoying having a REAL summer this year. It's been about 5 years since we've really had a decent summer.
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The kids and I are up at my parents' house for 2 weeks while my dh puts down flooring in our upstairs, and the weather has been GLORIOUS! I had to stop and buy a super cheap $6 tank top (non-maternity) because all my tshirts are too hot. Luckily, the xl size was long enough to cover my ugly maternity panel on my skirt (I have no shorts, and my capris are too hot!). I might invest in a couple more. The older 2 kids are camping with my mom at the beach in my parents' RV while dd2 and I hang out at the house overnight. Here's hoping she sleeps!

Loving the heat - as long as I stay out of the sun so I don't burn. (I'm pretty fair skinned)
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DD splashing in the kiddy pool, me sitting with my feet in it. Brilliance!
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I'm so happy to have REAL summer this year....last year it seemed like it barely got hot.

I posted on last week's thread (whoops!) about today's little adventure. We started driving down the interstate to go to the store, and when I got up to speed.....the hood flew open and smashed my windshield!!!!!!
We are fine. I was able to pull off on an exit since it happened right by one. The van, however, is undriveable at the moment, the windshield did not totally cave in but it looks like it could anytime. I also no longer have a grill and there's a dent on the hood.
But WE are fine.
Insurance guy comes tomorrow.

what stinks is we had to miss DS's school picnic thing tonight because DH works out of town and took the only other insured, working vehicle. (he works about an hour away and gets off at the earliest midnight so *no way*--also does not work with other people from here.)

at least it wasn't 90 plus degrees today since we couldn't go to the pool. We live too far to walk to anything. :P

In better news, DD now rides a bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS! The sad part---once she made this discovery on the neighbor kid's bike, I discovered I couldn't turn the stupid nuts holding her training wheels to her bike. So...until one of us reminds DH tomorrow, she is (unhappily) stuck riding the bike with training wheels. She is 3.5 this month.

And DS2 can JUMP! He finally figured this out this afternoon after several butt-wiggling attempts in recent days with no air. He also looks to see if you're clapping

So yay for motor skills I guess.

Not to be left out, the bellybean is kicking a lot more. We find out if the kids and my dreams are right and it is a girl on Tuesday.
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peaceful_mama, how scary! Glad you are all ok! Hooray for all the developments! It's amazing to see them make these big leaps.

Sounds like there are lots enjoying summer! Yay!

I feel like I can't enjoy summer at all right now. Not that we tend to do much, anyway, but we still have a lot going on and a lot of stress AND a lot of uncertainty. I don't feel like I can decide to go down to the beach (which is not getting tarballs from the Gulf oil spill ) on a whim, and we have no yard for a kiddie pool, and our real pool (we have a small, "lap" pool) desperately needs a new Polaris (which we've been promised but don't have yet) to clean the bottom before there's any chance I'll take the kids in. I am hopeful that we can find ways to relax and enjoy our time. My MIL comes in on Saturday which may or may not be helpful!

Back in May, I had a tooth that got really painful and I finally found a dentist to see about it. It got better without treatment, though, and so I've put off having a root canal or anything else done. But, it was showing signs of infection so I talked to my MW and started taking the penicillin the dentist gave me (to take before/after the surgery). I'm amazed how fast it's worked! I know abx start quite quickly, but it's awfully nice to see it when you need it. Crazy thing, though, is my ear is hurting MORE since starting the abx. I am hoping the abx will also help this occasionally-flaring ear pain and eustachian tube problems (that I can't take the steroids they recommend for it, for obvious reasons), but, um, why is it worse right now? Really, really hoping I feel overall much better soon.

Anyone else taking Floradix? I just started a new bottle, and got the NOT yeast-free one. I think it tastes a lot better! I tried some in the store and it was not a bad flavor, then the bottle I got was worse. I'm wondering if the sample was the kind I have now? Anyone tried both?

Oh, and just a PSA... I always recommend watermelon as a good labor food. But, don't be surprised if you throw up in transition after eating it... You're NOT bleeding internally. The watermelon just goes from pink to RED mid-digestion. Yeah, lovely, eh? I never do get sick in labor, but not so in pregnancy.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Oh, and just a PSA... I always recommend watermelon as a good labor food. But, don't be surprised if you throw up in transition after eating it... You're NOT bleeding internally. The watermelon just goes from pink to RED mid-digestion. Yeah, lovely, eh? I never do get sick in labor, but not so in pregnancy.
Likewise, if you feed it to an (older) baby, don't be shocked when you next change their diaper
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Heather- and about the Watermelon! I think we'll be out of watermelon season by the time we go into labor. But yeah, that would be freaky!

Peaceful_Mama-you can count me out of enjoying summer! This year here it has been severely different. Drier, hotter, spring a month early. It's pure insanity. I hate heat anyway, so this doesn't help! Last year we had severe flooding.
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yikes..watermelon puke. no thanks.. i dont think i ate at all in any of my labours..at least not after things started to pick up..i recall even the day before going into labour that i didn't really want to eat much aty all..with my sons birth I did throw up but it was the tinctures that my midwife gave me to lower my BP that made me puke and it helped too! apparently throwing up helps lower bp, nasty side affect.. didn't throw up with either of my girls..

we have another busy day today.. Fridays all summer are reading club days at the library and since my kids are 2 age groups we will be down there all morning. im leaving my LO with papa and going to the thrift shop and maybe for a swim at the beach.. all of the possibilities! I also plan to find some books to read.. its been a while any recommendations?

totally gave myself a sunbiurn yesterday lounging in the sun..but i think mostly it happened doing laundry..my washer is outside on the sunniest side of the house and i was hanging it all up with my back facing the sun.. we have piles to catch up with since i didnt really wash anything for a month but im glad its summer because my kids will live naked or in swim suits for a few months.. im putting all clothes away, or most of them..
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I puked up cola when I was in labour. I had ketones in my urine so my midwife suggested cola (who knew) and soon after I threw up. It was still fizzing...note to self next time let it go flat first. However, it was without a doubt the most pleasant vomiting experience I have ever had

Peaceful mama-sorry about the windshield! That must have been scary. My 2 year old just learned to really jump too. She just finished gymnastics lessons and could never quite get the hang of it...she would flap her 'wings' and stick out her bum and rhythmically bounce. It was hilarious. Just this week though she can jump up and catch air. She's understandably quite proud of herself.
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My DS ate FIVE huge pieces of watermelon a few weeks ago... no puking, but lets just say that his diaper did NOT hold the explosion.. we now have red stains on our living room carpet!

It has been HOT here too.. in the 100's almost everyday. The "nice" days it is only in the 90's. I'm so over the summer this year! It started early too, beginning of March it started getting warm! I'm in VA, so we usually have somewhat mildish, though humid, summers.

We've been working on a lot of house projects. Stuff that should have been done years ago.... We have a smallish house (1200 sq ft or so) but there was so much space not being used. A whole room that we just put junk in, the master bathroom not being used, etc. So our goal for the next 4 months is to make the entire house usable space. And to ORGANIZE and declutter. We are turning our "junk room" into a playroom for the boys. It will be so nice to have all the toys in one space, rather than all over the living room! DH had a lot of wallpaper removal to do in there from the previous owners. He got the paint up last night, all we have left is the trim and then moving everything in there. I'm so excited! Next project is the master bathroom. it is tiny, the sink/faucet don't work, we don't use the shower.... So DH is going to get a faucet from work (for free!) and put an exhaust fan in there and some shelves for all my junk.... It will be so nice to have 2 usable bathrooms, as the hall bathroom is so crouded feeling with all of our stuff plus DS's toys.... I'm going to be doing a few paintings to hang up in the living room.. Really excited about that! Then there's taking down wallpaper in the hall bathroom, painting that, reorganizing the kitchen cabinets, getting a new kitchen table, putting new carpet down in the bedrooms, having the carpet in the living room cleaned, and painting the outside of the house. I will just be soooo glad when it is all done, and I can just focus on keeping the house clean until the baby comes. Phew.
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Had to go to the ER to get abx for this UTI. Stupid healthcare system in this state. Baby's heartbeat was about 162 they think-the doppler was malfunctioning.

What a long day. I'm beat! And spent too much time being way bored and thinking about all the things I still need to do before baby gets here and trying to remember all the things I'm SUPPOSED to be doing but can't remember. Geez.
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