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I ordered my birth kit last week, but they still haven't shipped it. I also bought a few other things on the supply list. I need to read the list again to see what else I need to buy.

My tubs of baby clothes are in from the garage, but I need to go through them. Also, I need to start planning a weeks worth of freezer meals and then making them. I need to wash the carseat cover too.

I'm 34 wks today.
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I still need to -

Get a car seat
Get a crib
Get the house in order
Make food and stock snacks

I have all of my birth kit plus the extra supplies list... plus a few extra things I know I will appreciate having.
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i need a carseat though i have one that a friend gave me if i get in a bind and can't get one before he gets here for some reason. everything else I"m good on for now.

oh i need to make some freezer meals too..
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Originally Posted by darkblue0729 View Post
the FFN finally came back-NEGATIVE so I should have at least two weeks from last Thursday to get my heiney in gear
Darkblue! What great news that you can be at home!
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You guys have motivated me to at least look through the list. The problem here is that DH has been unemployed and doesn't start his new job for another week. We truly don't have money for birth supplies yet, so we're going to be waiting to the last minute like it or not. I shouldn't complain. I still get to have a homebirth.
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Is anyone NOT having their toddler at the birth?
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The plan is to drop my kids off at a friends house when I go into labor. My kids don't want to be there for the birth and I want my DH's attention on me. I don't think I could relax if my kids were there during the birth.
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Originally Posted by foodmachine View Post
Is anyone NOT having their toddler at the birth?

I'm not planning to keep either of my boys here for the birth. I kind of wish I thought that I could handle it, but when DS2 was born, having DS1 around was driving me insane and I found it to be really distracting. So, they're going to my mom's.

I still have a bunch of house projects I want to do, but I just ordered all my birth supplies, including my waterbirth pool from inhishands.com yesterday! I still need to hunt down some old towels and get some cheapie shower curtain liners or tarps. I also REALLY want to find a bathrobe (at a thrift store or something) that someone can throw in the dryer for me right before I get out of the water after the birth.
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my kids are 5 and 7 and if they aren't at school, DH is taking them to a friend of ours (she has a 6mo, 3 and 4 yo boys)
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I received my birth kit today, I was a little freaked out to see it all! I know I;ve done this a feeew times haha but still crazy.

With #3 I had 2yo and 4 yo, a friend took them for several hours during labor but they were back in time for birth. I am so glad that they got to be there, 4yo cut the cord and still remembers.
I'm sad they will most likely miss this birth
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I have a friend watching DS while I'm in labor. She has 2 kids of her own, one is school, so I'm just hoping the timing works out good for everyone. I'm considering having her come over to the house in the night, just in case he wakes up and birth is imminent. Wish I had family closer, that would sure make things easier. I'll have my mom on the next plane out here, but there are only 2 planes a day between our cities.
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If DD wants to leave i have my dad and a good friend willing to pick them up for me. Otherwise I'd like to have her there but I don't want her to freak out. She was interested in watching some birth videos on youtube with me the other day, but seeing videos and hearing mommy make noise is NOT the same thing.. SHe's very sensitive to yelling and such.
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Right now the plan is for my two kiddos to be here (older will be 4 at the end of this month, little one is 18 months, will be 19 months if I deliver in September).

If I change my mind, even during labour, one of my best friends lives in the same set of townhouses as I do. She's going to be at my birth but she has three older girls who are 15, 13, and 12 and likely if they are home I will just have one of them run over for the kids.

What I do not want to do is have my mother know I am in labour so I do not want to have to call her.
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I had been thinking I wouldn't have ds at home for the birth, or at least hire a babysitter to come and keep him downstairs, but now I'm thinking I will just have him home & wing it. I'm hoping he will sleep through, but he still wakes at least once a night so I'm not super optimistic.

I have been showing him birth videos and he loves watching babies born so hopefully he can cope with seeing his mommy in pain. That is all I'm really worried about.

We just don't really have any friends or family in the area that I would be able to call, especially in the middle of the night, and the cost of having someone like that on call is a little more than I want to spend.
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This is difficult. DH thinks I'm being too romantic (we been reading "Welcome with love" ) about DD being to be there. As ToLoveMercy said we are worried about the distraction it may cause. I need to weigh out what does DD gain from being there vs. what can be negative for me...Hmmmmm....
As with xekomaya we don't have anyone next door and are already past the budget with this HB. It's grandma whose a 20 minute drive away or the second midwife.

Our plan right now is to have grandma pick up if DD is around and awake but play it by ear if she is sleeping. But what if doesn't want to leave??? I'm not going to throw her out.
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I figured it out. I'm sending DD to grandma's if she is around/ awake. It came to me crystal clear the day after I did the hypnobabies fear cleansing. I have no memory of thinking about while listening but maybe it jogged something b/c the decision seems easy now. This baby and I need some time to focus on each other during birthing. Phew. Glad I got the settled.

I've gotten my oral vitamin K, the hydrogen peroxide (for getting the blood out), towels are all washed, babies clothes are folded, got myself a cozy nursing nightshirt, DH has finished with the bed protection AND my chin-up bar showed up. I feel like I may want to hang...now it's just to figure out how to have lit ow enough and still get the bathroom wth ease.

I think I may be able to say "I'm ready NOW!" really soon.
But what to wear during the birth???
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I got my birth kit in the mail!! They forgot to send one of the things so I got that a few days later.

I have a couple boy and a couple girl things out and ready to wash. Along with the burp clothes and receiving blankets. I will wash whatever else after we have the baby and know what it is.

We decided to have someone come and stay starting at 37 wks to be here for when I go into labor. That way we don't have to pack up the kids and bring them anywhere when I go into labor. That takes a lot of stress off me and my DH!!!

Yesterday I did the bed protection.

Now I just need to start some freezer meals. I'm waiting for the next paycheck so I can go grocery shopping.
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I think I'm pretty close to being prepared! The birth supplies are all together, the "just in case" hospital bag and birth plan are put together, I've started freezer meals, and most of the baby stuff is clean and organized.


Left to do:
The rest of the freezer meals. I'm aiming for 1 a day until I'm done.
Need to wash the new mattress protector and get all the sheets lined up so that me or DH can do that quickly.
Make a list of where all the birth supplies are so no one forgets.
DH needs to burn a CD of one of our mixes to go in the hospital bag.
And I have 3 more depends to freeze into "ice packs". I'm gonna do a witch hazel solution for these.

Most of this is pretty quick and also not the most important things in the world.

Only 1 big thing left... the birth tub. My MW forgot to bring it to our appointment yesterday. She felt really bad, but it isn't that big of a deal, I will get it this coming Friday and we will probably do the test run next Sat.

How are everyone else's plans coming along?
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I have everything for the HB in the closet. I just got a bunch of frozen fruit to make the placenta smoothies with. Midwife said she would cut it all up for me and freeze it so either DH or myself just has to stick it in the blender! I am actually really excited about seeing how it helps PP.

Less than 2 weeks left for me. Hope this baby comes soon!
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I have SO much stuff that it's all packed in a travel playpen and it's still overflowing. With #1, I had a little box and one bag of towels and clothing. This time I have all that, plus fishie pool and accessories (extra towels, robe, etc). Here's hopinh I actually use it!
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