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sattygirl99- I hope you get lots of help at home so you can relax even more.

Exciting that our DDC's first HB will happen soon.

Yes, now it is just really about maintaining the level of "clean" in the house. The dogs are shedding their summer coats (Fall is moving in up here) so I'm sweeping constantly. I kicked them off the couch a few months ago and off the bed last pregnancy. Poor them...every child lowers their standard of living a little. But they get someone else in their lives (who also lives on the floor a lot) to pet them so perhaps it even out.
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Keeping the house clean is my biggest problem. I'm doing the same thing I'm sure you're all doing - busting my rear every day to get it all cleaned up, and then it starts to fall apart so quickly. I'm using all my energy doing and re-doing the same things.

Is anyone one their 3+ birth and can tell me that I will have a clean house when I go into labor? I think I was worried about having a messy house at this point last time, but somehow it all worked out. This time with a 2 year old I'm not feeling so confident.

I have to get my act together on the birth supplies front. And I'm waiting for my pool that FIL FINALLY shipped after 10 weeks of asking. Once I'm sure it inflates I'll order a new liner, otherwise a whole new pool.
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My house has generally always been clean, before and after all of my births, but I am my father's child and have high expectations. I literally cannot function in a slum of a house and DH knows this. So while it isn't up to my normally high expectations he does try to prevent it from falling to his.

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XM, I think that it was more difficult for me when I had very young babies/toddlers and expected another. It's been easier for these past two babies to keep a tidy house because I have two children old enough to help keep it tidy now.

Today's my homebirth greenlight day! WOOT! My midwife will do home delivery now!
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Totally easier with bigger kids to help. My older two are 5 and 3 and can do a considerable amount of work for/with me. They cleaned up the front yard this morning, and watered the flowers. They are about to haul all the laundry downstairs.
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Ordered my birth kit today, it takes 6 business days to get here. So by the time it gets here I'll be well on my way to alright to HB.

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It is easier to keep that house clean now then it used to be. My oldest ones always pick up all the toys before bed and they help with other small things around the house.
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Originally Posted by forumyonly1 View Post
i'm 37w 2d and supply wise i'm all set... but litterally cant been over alll theway any more and i'm having a hell of time keeping my house picked up.. let alone scrubbed down and sparkly! DH is planning on cleaning when i'm in labor (my shortest labor was 8 hours.. so he shhould have time) but i hate the idea of him having to do that when i'm in labor.. but seriously... what else can you do at this point?
One thing my DH told me the other day... To remember that midwives are people just like you and me... They're mothers, some of them with young children themselves (like mine).

As he put it 'I've been in our midwifes house and honey, you don't have to stress that it's all perfectly clean and organized with no clutter and stuff'...

(he's working on her farm to barter our birth fees so he's in her house every weekend, lol).

That helped me feel a little better... As long as my kitchen and bathroom are clean and there's no food on the floor, I'm not going to worry about dishes in my sink or toys about... I AM a mama after all...
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Ah ha ha, my birth kit and stuff got flagged as a fraudulent purchase and Doug got a phone call from his card company about it. I'm sure that will slow down its shipping even more.

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Oh Liz, that IS funny.
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So mamas, that wasn't helpful! lol It looks to me like you all just told me it just IS really difficult to keep the house up with a young toddler and I may very well go into labor with a messy house. I'm so doomed

Liz I'm sorry about your birth kit! Can you tell your midwife and see if she has extra stuff she can throw in the car just in case you go into labor before it arrives?
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Originally Posted by xekomaya View Post
Liz I'm sorry about your birth kit! Can you tell your midwife and see if she has extra stuff she can throw in the car just in case you go into labor before it arrives?
We choose not to deliver with her until 37 weeks and have full shadow care, so I have until September 5th for it to arrive. It should work out.

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