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short menstrual cycle - 23-20 days with PMS???

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For the past year or so I have been really regular with my period for the first time in my life. 28-30 days like clockwork. Before it wasn't unusual for me to go 6 months without having a period. I am on synthroid now, and I think that has helped me be regular. However, last cycle was only 23 days, and this one was only 20. I have been having horrible headaches monthly with my cycle, and moods ranging from anxiety to depression with no reason. Is this normal for an almost 32 year old? I read online that it can be normal to be perimenopausal during this time. However, my mother is in her early 50s and has not gone through the change.
I ignored my previous irregularity until I TTC, but I now am the wiser and realize it often points to bigger health issues. I'm wondering how long I should wait before talking with my midwife or seeing the naturopath.
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Do you do any cycle charting? It might be helpful to chart your fertile signs, i.e. egg white CM, high open cervical position, to give you an idea when you ovulate. If you're ovulating at the typical point in your cycle but period comes early you could have some progesterone deficiencies, or you could have enough progesterone but it drops suddenly causing you get your period early. You can google 'luteal phase defect' for more info. There could be many causes for this so check with your health practitioners. G/L!
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I do in a round about way. I take notice, but I don't write it down. All I write down is when I start AF and when I should start again. That way I can kind of pay attention to when I might ovulate. I do notice CM, but I have never been able to reach my cervix, so I can't check that. It is fairly difficult to reach even in late pregnancy for my midwife.
It does seem that I o'ed a little early this time. I thought it seemed like I did somewhere around 8-10. My period was a little shorter only about 4-5 days this time instead of the usual 7.
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I would try to pinpoint ovulation more exactly. That way you could see if you are dealing with early ovulation or a shortened luteal phase. Even though I'm not TTC right now, I use ovulation predictor sticks every month. I think I was able to get 50 of them for around $14.00 on amazon. I start taking them when I begin showing signs of ovulation (increased mucous, EWCM, etc.). It really helps me pinpoint exactly when ovulation occurs.
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since it is not just your cycle but the pms and headaches as well, if I were you I would go ahead and see whoever is in charge of your thyroid stuff and go from there. could be that it is time to change up your meds a little, couldn`t it?
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I'm calling my naturopath in the morning. I think I will still get the ovulation tests. That's a good idea. If my thyroid is off, then I'll call my doc. Thanks for the thoughts. This has gotten too miserable to wait for.
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