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long time no post.

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hello everyone it has been a bit since ive posted i had no internet access for a wile. i just wanted to let everyone know my beautiful rebecca nickole was born on july 2 at 33weeks 6 days! she was 5lbs 15 ozs and 18 inches long! she is in the nicu here at norton suburban hospital here in louisville. we r staying in the ronald mcdonald house at the hospital so we can maintain exclusive breastfeeding. shes abit jaundiced but doing well we r just trying to maintain weight and get billi levals down. fingers crossed.
so on a side note next time u wander into a mcdonalds or c a collection box for ronald mcdonald house charites please donate what u can a penny a dollar it all helps! if it wasnt for them i couldnt breast feed my baby so please help if you can.
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Congratulations Mama!

Lots of healthy vibes to baby Rebecca!

Dh and I will definitely be donating and thinking of you the next time we have the opportunity.
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Congratulations! What a nice, big baby!
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Congrats! I knew we'd hear about our first birth soon! YAY for Ronald McDonald house!!
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Congratulations on Becca's arrival!

I'll be praying for her to be ready to go home with you quickly.

I'm so glad you're able to breastfeed! That will certainly help!
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Aww, Congratulations. I will be thinking of you and your family and hoping she gets to come home soon.

How wonderful you are able to breastfeed. Ronald McDonald House is so wonderful. My BIL and SIL stayed at one as well when their baby was born at 34 weeks.
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Congrats on your baby girl!!! 5lbs 15oz at 33 weeks? Go little Rebecca. Sounds like she's holding her own! It's wonderful you are able to breast feed her, and did I hear you say exclusively? That's amazing, keep up the good work.

And HURRAY for our first baby in the August DDC

Keep us posted, wishing you all a short hospital stay.
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YAY for our first August Baby!!!! Congratulations Mama, and welcome darling Rebecca!! I hope she is home with you ASAP.
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Congratulations! Whenever you feel up to telling the whole story of her arrival please do so!

When my brother was little (he has Spina Bifida) we stayed a few times at the Ronald McDonald House. They are wonderful!
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Congrats!!! That's my big sister's name and I think its just lovely! So happy for our first little arrival!!! Would love to hear the rest of your story.
Hurray for Ronald McDonald House!!
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Congrats!! I'm glad she's doing so well! And SO BIG! 5lb 15oz at 33 weeks?!?! That's awesome!
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Wow what a big girl! Congratulations, and I hope shes out of the nicu soon. Post pics and your birth story when you can!
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Congrats on your baby girl!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD REBECCA!!!May you all be home together soon! Be gentle with yourself too Mama!!

MANY many prayers for continued GREAT growth and health and bf success!!!
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Congratulations on your sweet new daughter
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wow! congratulations! Here we were thinking we were still waiting for our first baby. I'm glad Rebecca's doing well and that you're able to breastfeed.
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congratulations! i'm so glad you're able to stay close and breastfeed. that is wonderful. keep us posted. xo
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Congratulations, mama!! And Welcome, Rebecca Nickole!!
I too am delighted to hear what a nice big girl you had at 33 wks, and it seems like she is doing really well. Keep us updated when you can. the McD house is close to our heart as well. We'll keep you and your family in our thoughts the next time we make a donation How wonderful that you're able to BF while she's in the NICU!!

Speedy recovery to you. Hope you can all be home together soon to enjoy your babymoon!

thanks for stopping in and sharing during what I can imagine must be a busy, exhausting time.

Congrats, first August DDC mama... !!!
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Congratulations on the arrival of little Rebecca!!

How wonderful that you have the support you need to breastfeed too! Hope you get to take her home soon!
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Congratulations on your BIG little girl! you all will be in my thoughts!
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