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Just had my membranes swept! (Update on #11)

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I've been extremely grumpy today. Make that the past week. Irritable, anti-social, tired, frustrated.

So I had my weekly appointment with the midwife. Today I'm 39 weeks and 2 days. She offered cervical massage, or, if I was dilated at least 1 cm, then a membrane sweep.

I quickly asked my husband, "What do you think?" But his answer didn't matter...I knew I was going to go for it since I've been so fed up with being pregnant! I'm ready to hold my baby and ready to be able to get out of bed without rolling around uncomfortably.

So in she went. My cervix was still pretty far back, but dilated 1 cm, so she was able to sweep the membranes. Twice. It was quite a bit of pressure. Uncomfortable. Not really pain. It's hard to describe how it felt. But it definitely felt like she was digging around up there...something I've never experienced before. It was hard to relax during it. (I hope that's not an indication of how I'll handle labor!) I didn't like the sensation, but looking back, it doesn't seem so bad.

She also said my cervix was 50% softened, or did she say effaced? I don't remember. I was having a hard time concentrating at that point. Maybe softened would make more sense? She said that she thought my cervix was still far back because of the baby being so low. I don't know why that would be anatomically, but that was her assessment. She could feel the baby's head and thought the baby was at -2 station. She was pleased with how everything was going.

There was a little blood at the time. And also a little when I've wiped since...with some little bits of something or other coming out too. My mucous plug? There's some very mild cramping, but if I hadn't had my membranes sweeped, I would've said the cramping was pretty typical for me at this stage in pregnancy anyway. I'm a tiny bit sore up there, but again nothing major.

So now we wait! I hear some women go into labor in about 48 hours...or it might do nothing at all. Ha! We shall soon find out!
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Keep us posted Mama. It's difficult to be patient...
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fingers crossed for you, mama!
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Oh, good luck, mama!!!
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I had mine swept yesterday (39 w and 3 days). I could relax okay, but it was weird feeling it in my back. Oh well. Here's hoping it happens for us soon!
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Fingers crossed for you, mama!
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My MW gave me a membrane sweep a couple weeks ago and I felt the same pressure. I've refrained from any further sweeps and DH and I are "trying the prostoglandins" (lovemaking!) to help things along or just plain have fun while trying. I figured if I hadn't hit my due date yet, I'd give Mother Nature the opportunity to do her thing and let baby come on his/her own schedule.
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I hope you get some action! I had the same thing done when my dd and ds2 were past 40 weeks and unfortunately it didn't encourage them to come any sooner. But I hear that it works for many mamas!
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I hope it works for you and you get to hold your baby this weekend!

I had an attempted stretch and sweep three days before DS was born. It hurt like heck, and I could only stand to be stretched to 2-3 cm. Midwife wasn't able to do the sweep since my cervix was also pretty high up and she had a devil of a time trying to reach it in the first place (she was only able to do the stretch, not the sweep). Her assessment was very similar to yours (baby low, cervix high, soft) plus, I also had some spotting, mucous, soreness.

I don't think it started labour in my case, but I was full of high hopes since I've heard it works for lots of women. I hope you're one of them! You might want to try other methods as well (just to keep busy, pass the time, which is why I did them)...I know how hard the wait is at the very end! I also did EPO, RRL, nipple stimulation with a breast pump, and vigorous walks

Good luck!
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I'm jealous of you mamas that aren't hurt by the stretching/sweeping. Even a PAP is preyty unbearably painful for me. I might get a stretch done next week though... coming up on 42 weeks.

YHannahh Even if this doesn't do the trick for you right now, it can only help in making stuff more favourable I hope to see you update that labour is starting... or that you have your new baby!
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No labor yet...but I've made some progress!

Last night I had another appointment, exactly 1 week after I had my membranes swept as told in the first post.

Now I am 3-4 cm, 70% effaced, and -1 station. The midwife (a different one from last week though) swept the membranes again and was very pleased with my progress. She even said, "Your body has already done most of the work of early labor!"

So those were encouraging words. Now if only these little irregular contractions would form a pattern, we'd be in business!

Oh, I had acupuncture yesterday morning for the first time. Very interesting. I also attempted to take a tincture of raspberry and partridge berry per the acupuncturist/herbalist's instructions. BUT I started choking on it as soon as it touched my throat and my throat started closing up. I couldn't breathe for several seconds. I vomited a little, which helped. It was scary as I was in my apartment alone. So I won't be trying that again in case I am allergic to the herbs. A second allergic reaction is generally worse than a first.

We are trying every gentle method here! Membrane sweeping, acupuncture, sex, herbs (well, briefly), breast pumping (though I only have a hand pump and get bored far too quickly), walking (walked 4.5 miles the day before yesterday!).

Come out, baby! We've got 10 days before we escalate to Cervidil and potentially Pitocin...
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