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Breast size/breastfeeding twins question.

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Maybe this should be posted over on the breastfeeding board??? But since it is a twin specific dilemma I figured I would put it here. My apologies to the moderators if I got it wrong.

I have very large breast that.... lets face it after this many children are droopy. I have breastfed all of my other children with no problems and see no reason why I will not be breastfeeding the twins when the time comes.

So here is the dilemma/question. For at least the first month I always have to have a hand free to push back my breast from my babies face while nursing. If I do not do this then the poor little guys get their faces covered. This has never really been a huge problem with the others just something I have had to learn to adjust to. So now I am trying to picture myself pulling this off with twins. I only have so many hands but I would really like to tandem nurse them as much as possible if I can get a swing of things.

So anyone face and overcome this challenge? I really, really need to hear that this can be done even if I cant picture it in my mind for the time being.
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I am in the same position. I have large breasts as well and what I did was this. I alwyas tandemed on the nursing pillow. I held four fingers under the breast to give it support and used my thumb to gently pull the breast away from the babies nose. As they got older it got easier, but that was the way I figured out how it worked. Good luck!
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If you tandem on the EZ2nurse pillow (I had the inflatable one and LOVED it) you don't need any hands to hold them. The pillow slants gently inward so they roll toward you, leaving your hands free.

Congrats on the little babes!!!
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Thank you both, it gives me encouragement to know that both of you have faced this obstacle and were able to over come it.

So the "trick" is to get a good nursing pillow.

I had a hard time picturing it I think because the only nursing pillow I have ever used is a regular Boppy and I and 1 other friend are the only people I have ever actually seen in real life breastfeed and she does not use any sort of arm support for nursing. Well I have seen a couple of moms in larger towns/cities nursing but they were with teeny little babies and mostly covered up... sooo not really helpful to my dilemma.

I'm starting to get a mental picture of how it will work now though, so that is a good thing. Thank you all again.
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Yes, I do not know if the boppys are different now, but I had one with my 1st, 8 years ago, and it drove me up the wall. She would roll right off the outside if I let her. Plus, I had to hunch down to get us lined up, which was supposed to be the point - that baby would be brought up to my breast level. WOw, apparently I have some pent up issues.

I plan on using my inflatable one (designed for twins) with our new baby - even thought there is only one this time
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I also used the EZ2Nurse pillow and am large breasted (G currently). The EZ to nurse allowed for hands free nursing, and I could hold my breast away from their noses while that was necessary.
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Well, Im not there yet as I am still pregnant but I'd imagine the pillow would do the trick. A friend gave me her old EZ pillow which I plan to use. I also had two boppies somehow from my first daughter. I was thinking of putting two boppies on for easier escape after nursing..hhehe.

But with the pillow you will have free hands for each baby. Id imagine if you cup your breast kind of back on each side, it will keep it from being on their faces.

Definately will take some practice, but wont everything with twins??
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