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Last night i had this sort of flood of lochia, which is pinkish and watery, and i was like "huh, i wonder what that's about?".

Well, it was my cervix opening - this morning i have EWCM.

AF came back at 6weeks PP with DD, so this isn't really a big surprise, but i was hoping i'd get a little longer this time (based on nothing, DD2 sleeps longer if anything, though i think she feeds more too).

Now i'm having to look into contraception already! Grrrrr!

*shaking fist at Mother Nature" WHY!? I have a 4 week old nursling, WHY would i want a fertile egg or a period? WHY!?
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Oh you poor thing!!!! I didn't get AF after DD until a year!!!
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that is unfair!
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That is a bummer! Our bodies really should know better!! Since this is my first, I have no idea how long it will be for me.
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I never ever had a break. Ever.
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Ugh. That sucks. I am really bad at charting or figuring out any of that, so I have no idea when I've started ovulating again. I had my 2 week postpartum checkup today (incision check basically) and we discussed getting an IUD put in at my 6 week check. I don't really plan on taking any chances before then.
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Oh no, that is soooo unfair!!! I'm terrified mine will return sooner this go round, solely because we dtd lol.
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I've had a year break with my last 4 and woke up with my af this morning just about 6 weeks pp I'm not impressed with my body
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I'm 4 weeks PP and while I never stopped bleeding I was down to using a pantiliner. The flow was still quite red though. Now, starting Friday I'm bleeding like a period. Does this mean my period has likely resumed? I'm EBF. I didn't return for a year after I had my son. Any thoughts?
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Granted, I'm not BFing like most of you, but I just got my first PP AF last Monday (the 12th). I KNOW I ovulated 1.5 weeks prior to that as I was swimming in EWCM. So, I ovulated not even 4 weeks PP! UGH. I expected it though. My body, even when I am EBF or EP, resumes my AFs almost always this quickly.
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I am EBF, dd will be 6 weeks on Monday, and I think AF started today!

I blame the wonderful sleep we've been having for over a week now since she's been sleeping in my arms every night and only occasionally nursing more just having a few sucks here and there before nodding off. Do you suppose that could have done it?

I can't be sure but today I am suddenly bleeding a darkish red blood, I haven't seen anything like it since my last period, and I've had nothing but clear fluidy stuff and a bit of mucus for almost 3 weeks

I guess I'll know in a day or so what this is?
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Puppies you must have mine, it's been 2 weeks since that ovulation and AF hasn't arrived - is it possible i TRIED to ovulate but didn't? I mean i was having erotic dreams and everything, i'm SURE that was what my body was doing.

My LO sleeps 5-7hours every night, so it'd be pretty ironic if my period took longer coming back than with DD1 who never slept more than 3!!

And no, in case anyone is worrying, we haven't even remotely DTD yet, so i'm DEFINITELY not pregnant!
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I still think it is AF, and it makes sense since now that you mention it, I was considering seducing my dh not too long ago and wondering why since I keep hearing that nobody wants to with so many postpartum hormones.


if it's yours, TAKE IT BACK!
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