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My 6yo S is getting a cavity filling on 7/19. She's never tolerated tooth brushing well and I have a hard time forcing m brush to those back husband has an even harder time - he gives in pretty fast. That said, I shouldn't be surprised about the cavity but I can't help feeling guilty.

Our dentist referred her to a pediatric deintist specializing in Special Needs. I had to choose sedation method and I chose the highest of them all without her being put out totally. I don't want her to hurt. It's more than the Valium/nitrisse's some kind of liquid that runs through the system for an hour, then the nitrisse. Even choosing the heavier method they said she will be upset....she just won't remember a second of it. They said she needs a day with an adult...another adult with the siblings seperated.

Has anyone had experience with this??? I hope I chose right.

She will need extractions in a year, but ortho wants to give her the year to develop more coping skills and see if it can be done outside of the hospital = less invasive.