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Hi-new to DDC :)

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Hi! I decided to join you guys. I'm Ashley and I currently live in Utah. I'm 11 weeks due on Jan 23rd. We've been trying for this little bean for almost a year and lost two babies trying. We're very excited for our rainbow baby! I have a 2 year old DS. I lost my first pregnancy at 8 weeks, got pregnant with DS a few months later, let myself heal... then 2 losses within a few days of finding out (but felt they were babies not "chemical pregnancies" although I had two of those that I got a BFP and then started bleeding a few minutes later) now this one. DH just graduated with his Chemistry degree and is applying for his PhD. If he gets accepted we will move to OR when this baby is about 6 months.

The current plan is to give birth in a hospital with an awesome midwife who is very supportive of hypnobirthing and my doula recommended her. Last time I learned about hypnobirthing after being in labor for weeks (went in to labor at 32 weeks and had contractions every 3 min until DS was born at 39 weeks). I didn't know a thing about transition and ended up having an epidural because I felt like I HAD to push and when they told me no (I was an 8 so NOW I know I probably would have been fine to go with it) I started hyperventilating and felt very weak. This time I feel like I'm going to surround myself with people who have been through natural births (the nurses in L&D had never seen one and had no idea how to help me and I didn't have a doula because I didn't feel comfortable with the idea) and feel like I can really do it. I'm actually very excited to deliver this baby and can't wait to hold it and BF again . DS had a severe tongue tie that they refused to take care of in the hospital so I had to pump the first 3 days and once he got a taste of mama's milk he refused to have anything else but because of nipple confusion couldn't latch on, blah blah. We went to a LC the day after his tongue clip and I had to use a nipple shield until he weaned himself at 14 months. Because of our struggles though I'm determined to eventually become a LLL leader when we can afford the fees and eventually be a LC.

I have a Bachelor's degree that I walked with when DS was a couple weeks old. I love school and education is extremely important to both of us. We decided a year ago that we would homeschool and we started Tot School a couple months later. I can't wait to educate my children. I also love babywearing and making our own baby food. DS has never had that jar garbage . Anyways I think that's about it for me can't wait to get to know you ladies!
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Welcome and congratulations!!! You and are due on the same day, I think.
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Welcome! I live in Utah, too. Mind if I ask what hospital/midwife you're going with?
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Originally Posted by annablue View Post
Welcome! I live in Utah, too. Mind if I ask what hospital/midwife you're going with?
ORMC and Stacie Carter. Davis is ABSOLUTELY not an option-AWFUL experiences there with billing and DS was born at McKay-I refuse to do that again. I used to go to Circle of Life and wouldn't recommend them at all. Stacie is very open to listen to my concerns and was wonderful working with me through my two most recent losses. I'm on progesterone through 14 weeks because from looking at my charts she could tell I had a progesterone deficiency (makes even more sense since I spotted TONS through my whole first trimester with DS and I was constantly fearing losing him-I still believe he was an absolute miracle). She's already told me she's willing to help me have as natural of a birth as I want and will fight for me (my huge things are I don't want to be strapped to monitors for 20 min of every hour-I'd much prefer a dopplar to be used to check the HB and am planning to take mine so there are no excuses and I don't want an IV started at all because it was so freaking painful and I think was part of the reason why I fell in to the interventions last time). Who are you going to?
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I'm considering Stacie Carter as a midwife.  I'd really like to hear how your experience was with her throughout pregnancy and with the delivery.  How was ORMC with natural?  I know McKay Dee has the new birthing suite so I was considering that, but you said you had a horrible experience.

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Sorry it's taken sooooo long for me to respond!  I've been crazy busy with my busy almost 3 year old and newborn!  I loved it-it was a perfect birth.  The only thing I wish was different was that I had a birthing tub.  I tried to go as long as I could in the jetted tub but it was too small and I couldn't get in a comfortable position when things got rough so I went back to the bed and had my son mostly upright (most comfortable for me).  Stacie was AWESOME and I tell everyone I know IRL to go to her for sure.  I really wish we were still going to be around for the next baby because I'd hands down go back to her.

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