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Moms in South/Southwest Austin

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My little girl was born on June 8. I would love to meet some other moms in Austin, preferably S/SW. I don't know many other new moms here & would love to share tips & experiences. We live near Southpark meadows.
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If you're interested, you might join the Austin Attachment Parenting group on Big Tent. Here's a link. There are lots of meet-ups and playgroups, especially South. See you there!
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I'm close to SPM but have been hibernating a lot lately. You could check out the AustinMamas group on yahoo, they have a breakfast for the southies once a month.
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Thank you!
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There are a lot of La Leche League meetings in Austin. http://www.lllaustin.org/
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We live in North East/ University Hills. I agree with PP's about AustinMamas on yahoo AND the Attachment Parenting group on Bigtent. They are wonderful groups to be apart of.

Congratulations on your little one. My son was born on May 29th, so our kids are not that far apart in age.
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