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Colorado Homeschooling

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I am diving into homeschooling with my 2nd grader this fall in CO. Does anyone have any information on Charter schools that you can enroll with that help with curriculum costs/activites? I am currently researching curriculums to find what best suits my DS....any help or info. of how you homeschool in CO woud be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Hi there! I"m fairly new at this myself, so I'm just able to tell you what I've learned so far. Depending on where you live in CO, you may have a charter school that has a homeschool option where you enroll part-time. The two in the area I'm familiar have you purchase the curriculum for the class, and they meet 1-2X a week. The other option in my area is fairly new, but it looks like you kinda pick and choose and develop a plan with an instructor at the school. You do have the option of COVA (Colorado Virtual Academy). It is a charter school through Adams County District Five Star Schools that you do at home. They use the k12 curriculum, and it is free (public school at home), along with the materials (aside from things like paper and ink).

Colorado, I think, is relaxed when it comes to homeschooling. You simply fill out an intent to homeschool form with your local district. Compulsory attendance age is 7. And you're suppose to average 4 hours/day. Also, you have to follow the state testing schedule and test at a local school or privately.

Hope this is some help to you and that you can make sense of what I typed out! I have tired pregnant mama brain today.
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The only program like that is in Paonia (if it's still around). Other than that I know the Denver area has the Options program which is a once a week program (I've only heard of it in the area from SOuth of Denver up to Boulder, there is also some sort of co-op program in Westminster and something else in Durango.
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There is also Connections Academy. They provide all the materials you need including a loaner computer and will reimburse money for internet. I hear they have field trips and such as well.

This is for those homeschooling who do not sign up with a Charter or Umbrella school only.
In Colorado you must send in your Notice of Intent 14 days before plan on starting. You send in your NOI when your child is 6 but do not have to begin teaching until age 7. You must test or send in an evaluation starting in grade 3 and every other year after that. You just send them into the district you sent your NOI. For personal record only you must keep attendance and a copy of your vax card or exemption. In the 7 years of homeschooling there, I've never had any one ask to see my records but it did happen to a couple of people I know.
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I'm on vacation but thought I'd give a quick response. I'm just now looking into Boulder OPTIONS (they have this program in several CO cities). They meet once a week. It seems to be totally free and you can rent curriculum for free for use at home. Sounds so awesome!
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mombnc---I got your message and tried to pm you the link to our charter but mdc says you have settings to where you cannot receive pm?

For privacy, I don't really want to put the link public just 'coz it pretty much pinpoints our location, but I'd love to share the program link with you if you'll allow pm.
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