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Originally Posted by chickeedoodle View Post
REALLY?!? You don't think that the eggs you've had since you were inutero don't deteriorate over time, your hormones don't slow down/change, your body doesn't age over time? For heaven's sake - I'm over 40 - I don't expect to have the fertility of a 25 year old.... lol
I don't think they deteriorate over time since they are not yet in a stage to be developed or used until the body (or the meds) selects them and starts growing them. Hormones don't slow or change without a reason. I believe that something has to pass a critical mass in order to "be aging". For example, free radical damage has accumulated irreversibly and therefore multiple cell damage is expressed outwardly in what we call aging. The body does not know how old we are, it only knows hormone function and so forth. I don't expect to have the fertility of a 25 year old because I know that irreversible damage has added up. If they knew how to reverse the damage then I would expect the fertility of a 25 year old at age 40. Age is a symptom, not a cause, that is why when I hear them saying "age", I understand it to mean "we don't know and won't admit it".

I has a c-section and anyone who has checked me was very happy with the scar, internally and externally. They found no scar tissue, other than at the incision site. There is still plenty of room in the uterus for implant ion other than the scar site. I haven't heard of any studies done on success rates for implantation after a c-section but I will look it up.

There are so many things that can go wrong... here's to hope!
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I believe my egg quality has definitely deteriorated, don't know if it's necessarily from 'age' or just from external factors like pollution, chemicals, etc. I know for a fact that under laboratory conditions, 94% of my embryos died so there's definitely something going on. But who knows, maybe it's my diet or the fact that I don't exercise enough and that's completely independent of my age. I know that being 40 can't be helping my situation.

So far we seem to be doing better with the addition of some progesterone cream. I've been applying it nightly since after ovulation and I am getting a bit of spotting today, which means if AF holds off until tomorrow I'll have a 10-day LP which is much better than normal. Which isn't necessarily going to help much, considering that it's merely ONE variable out of many that needs to be just right, but it can't hurt.
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I feel you.

I also wanted to have all my kids before 30 and near ages... but that didn't happen :/
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Yeah, well, my thirties are over, but maybe they still can be close in age. I am starting cycle #11 Sunday.
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Originally Posted by sondacop View Post
Yeah, well, my thirties are over, but maybe they still can be close in age. I am starting cycle #11 Sunday.
good luck!
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Me too.  It sucks, a lot.  TTC #1 for 2 years, and then after he was born, nada.  Much acupuncture, herbs, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic work, all to no avail.


It makes me feel guilty, like I must be greedy, why can't I be content with DS?  I love him to bits; I just always envisioned having 3 kids.  Finally going back to some IF treatments--but we're more alternative methods folks, we'll give it one more try.  If not, adoption for us.


Hugs.  You are not alone.

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Yup, I'm right there with you.  It took IVF for #1.  He's 2 now and we've been trying for #2 since #1 was born.  We've done a FET, that failed, already and are now gearing up for IVF #2.  This will be our last attempt at ART.

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wondering if we've had any happy updates since my previous post last summer.


We've since decided to stop TTC.  we weren't willing to go to any extreme measures- meaning ARTs- for multiple reasons but primarily, financial and the emotional strain.  It has now been 2 years since my PP return of AF and nothing.  Plus, my visit to my GYN last fall confirmed that I have another fibroid which will make things even more challenging.


So my daughter will be an only child, and while I'm making peace with that, I still will always be saddened when I think of the life I wanted to give her but couldn't.  As she gets older & older (she's now 2 & 1/2), I am trying to figure out how to respond after her first inquiry as to 'why don't I have a brother or sister', or the first time she requests a brother or sister for her birthday present.  I'm thinking I should just be honest with her and tell her that mommy & daddy wanted to have another baby but couldn't.  I hope that's enough for her because I'm not sure what else to say.  My parents were never honest with me about my only child status until I was an adult and I always wondered if it had something to do with me.


Hopefully there has been good news to share over the past few months.  good luck to everyone still trying.

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