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2 hrs & 9 mins! My 1st homebirth & 4th DD

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Woke up at 5:50 AM today (July 8th) b/c I felt my water break/leak. Called my midwife right away & called my mom to come over & sleep next to my youngest who still cosleeps with me. Hubby got busy taping down the plastic carpet cover all over the living room, hallway, & bedroom & putting water in our standard-sized bathtub. As he was doing this, I changed into my birthing outfit (bikini top & bathing-suit wrap). I went outside to get some fresh air & walk for a bit around 6:40AM. Although I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions since 26 wks, it didn't feel as intense as it did during my little walk today so I went back inside after only 10 mins outside. Went into the warm bathtub, where I sat b/c lying down seemed more uncomfortable.

My midwife showed up sometime after 7AM & checked baby's heartbeat & my contractions with her Doppler. Contractions felt more intense like menstrual cramps but not painful. As soon as the other midwife arrived, contractions became closer together (2 mins apart) & I could feel it in my lower pelvic region. After 3 such contractions, both midwives came & told me to position myself in reclining position in the bathtub since baby was about to come out. My primary midwife put her hands by my vagina to guide the baby out slowly to prevent tearing. I was guided by my midwives to open my mouth wide, breathe gently, & let baby come out on its own. I could feel baby's head crowning & slowly come out. I touched my baby's head & waited for next contraction to push baby's body out. It came & my midwife told me to reach down & get the baby. This was at 7:59AM.

We are blessed with our 4th DD, who weighed 6lbs 11 oz & was 19.75 in. long. Gestation length was 40 wks & 6 days. She's very calm, nurses well, & sleeps pretty well too.

I am amazed at how different & SO MUCH BETTER this homebirth experience is compared to my 3 other hospital births. Hooray for homebirths & midwives!
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Congratulations! Beautiful birth story! Enjoy your new little girl!
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Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Wow! That sounds... well... easy! LOL. Wonderful job mama Recover quickly and enjoy your new little girl! Congratulations!
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Congrats momma! Welcome baby girl! Homebirth is so wonderful!
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Wow, mama, I'm ordering me one of those!

Congratulations on your daughter!!!
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Congrats Mama! I had a great (quick!) HB experience myself a couple of months ago!
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What a lovely birth story! Congratulations
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Wow, what an experience. Congratulations and enjoy your fourth little girl!
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Awesome! The more we share stories of our peaceful and safe homebirths, the more women will see this as "normal". Enjoy your babymoon, mama!
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Beautiful homebirth story!
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Congrats mama and welcome baby girl!!! And what a wonderful birth! I'll take a dozen, please!
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Congrats on your wonderful birth!
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congratulations and welcome to your littlest girl!
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What a beautiful, inspiring story, mama! Congrats! And welcome baby girl.
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Congratulations on your new baby daughter! What a joy.

And what's up with all you speedy laboring moms in July? Is there a trend here?
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