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Speech evaluation and signing resource recommendations?

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My 21 month old son had a speech evaluation today. I felt like he wasn't saying as much as the other little guys at the playground, but my "mommy spidey senses" were telling me the "other stuff" was ok (he is happy, social, engaged, he finds other ways to communicate when he wants to, he plays, smiles, laughs, has great facial expressions and a super sense of humor, has great eye contact, his receptive language is excellent, he points, his hearing is fine, his other milestones were right on target, cognition seems fine, motor skills are great, etc.) and all that was confirmed. The speech pathologist's words were "I have no larger concerns at all. Actually, I think he's very bright and clearly strong willed!" and she laughed (she didn't seem to feel it was a negative thing, more like that he has a big personality- which he SURE does!).

Anyway, it was a really "satisfying" eval as she basically confirmed exactly what I thought- that he's totally fine except just not saying a lot yet and it is probably just because things haven't really "clicked" just yet in getting the words to happen from his side.

She recommended using sign language and to recognize his other "language" (ds will "make up words" for things he wants to say but can't yet, like he will pant when he is thirsty or blow when things are hot or demand you hold his hand and he will lead you to what he wants and point) and then be sure to simplify our words to him and make sure he can see our mouths. She thinks if we kind of "kick start it" with sign language, the verbal will come (and if not in a few months, we'll do regular speech therapy).

So, anyone BTDT? Anyone have any good recs for baby sign books/cards? I was thinking the "flash cards" so that I could tape them around the kitchen as we will all be trying to use them with ds2. Of course, I could probably photo copy some from a book too... Anyway, tips? Ideas? Suggestions?
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signing times is a video series that is GREAT for young childen and you to learn. (they are a bit pricey to buy but you can probably check them out at a library) signingtimes.com I think is the website. Other than that there are SOOO many resources and books out there. There is a website where you can look up any word and they show you how to sign it. (this has saved my life, my daughter is profoundly deaf and we are just learning to sign ourselves.) http://www.aslpro.com/cgi-bin/aslpro/aslpro.cgi (there is other as well if you search for them on google)
You can buy flashcards at places like barnes and nobles or online at amazon as well as books and they are also very helpful! Good luck!
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I'll second signing times and aslpro website.
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Just throwing in a third vote for the resources mentioned.
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Yet another vote for the Signing Times DVDs!!!! Not only are the DVDs awesome but the mom who created them - Rachel Coleman - is totally awesome too and a real inspiration!

I have a set of flash cards that we are no longer using, if you pm me your address I can mail them to you.

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yep - signing times are the best! they are ASL as opposed to some others that use some modified signs. also, check your library - our library carries all the signing times dvds.
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Another vote for signing times, they are great!
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