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Oh yeah, I actually did have some eczema last year, on my hand/fingers. So maybe giftedness causes it in parents (like me, who was exhausted and drinking too much dairy every day in tea and cocoa trying to wake myself up in the AM).
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Originally Posted by meemee View Post
for instance people with learning disabilities - ADHD, dyslexia, autism and others - research have shown 25% of them are highly gifted if not PG. only 1% of regular population is gifted.
Gifted kids and ADHD kids both have late development of the prefrontal cortex.

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Originally Posted by eepster View Post
I can see a possible correlation between eczema and giftedness, that would not be at all causative: Gifted people and their gifted parents are more likely to identify and properly label the weird patches of red itchy skin they get as "eczema." Where as, the general population is more likely to just buy a bottle of lotion and ignore it.
I personally don't subscribe to the view that gifted = common sense, or the inverse. If the lotion isn't working, common sense would dictate further inquiry.
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I personally don't subscribe to the view that gifted = common sense, or the inverse.
Absolutely agree. I know some incredibly gifted people who have NO common sense at all.

To suggest the general population is not intelligent enough to ask a doctor when nothing relieves those red, itchy patches is incredibly arrogant and incorrect. You could just as easily say that gifted parents OVER diagnose their kids on everything. You'd likely have more proof to support the generalization.
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I'm not saying that NT people/parents would ignore extremely severe eczema and not consult a Dr, or that gifted people/parents will see a dermatologist over every little thing.

I'm talking about people like my dad, he has some very mild eczema on his shins. He certainly never mentions it to his Dr, but he uses the word "eczema" to describe it. It's really more an issue of vocabulary than skin with him.
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Not rooting for any camp, but when I spoke to the gifted education school officer, she mentioned in passing that she doesn't encourage homeschooling of gifted children unless they have conditions like severe eczema. I thought it was interesting that she should mention eczema.
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My dd has/had severe eczema as a baby and still deals w/ it now she has learning delays.
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I looked into a "Gifted Preschool" that we ultimately decided not to enroll my son in because the atmosphere was way too rigid for me (it's creepy walking through a preschool, on 5 different visits, where no kids are laughing or making real noise even on the playground), but one of the first questions the Director asked me was whether my son had eczema/allergies. She said the school saw a very pronounced correlation. I remembered it only b/c my DS did have eczema as a baby.
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My dd whom is gifted has moderate Eczema. My other two children don't.
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My ds is probably gifted and also has SPD. He has eczema that directly ties to food sensitivities.
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As far as I know, eczema outbreaks are stress-related? I've only ever had (very mild, a few patches in the crook of my arm) eczema in times of super-high stress a few times in my life (law school finals come to mind). So maybe the correlation isn't with giftedness, but with high sensitivity, which tends to overlap with giftedness, but affects a higher rate of the population?
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Originally Posted by Tigerle View Post
As far as I know, eczema outbreaks are stress-related?
Eczema is an autoimmune condition. It can flare up because of any number of stimuli, and sometimes for no obvious reason whatsoever. Not to say that stress can't bring it on--it's just not the only factor.

I'm gifted and still have horrible eczema. This summer has been the worst so far in my life!
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My genius-spectrum 10yo kiddo has suffered from eczema since she was 2 weeks old. 7yo DD is just on the regular gifted spectrum and has no skin issues. 5yo DS is suspected by his preschool director of being closer to genius-spectrum giftedness but hasn't been tested- no skin issues. Baby DD has eczema and we'll have to wait and see about her giftedness or lack thereof, lol. So weird if the two are indeed linked!!!
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We don't have any correlation in my family and I don't know of any gifties that are my kids' peers who have it. It's thought by some medical professionals to be a hereditary issue. We actually do have eczema in my family, but it doesn't correspond to giftedness in any way.
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My oldest son and I are "gifted" and yes we both have eczema. No one else in either family has it.
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Hhhmm. That's interesting. I was labeled gifted. (Regularly scored in the 99th percentile on the verbal/reading/social sciences portions of just about every aptitude test I took; very extensive and precocious vocabulary; read a lot; really good memory and retention of facts, all that jazz.) I had HORRIBLE eczema as a kid and still have really dry, sensitive skin. My parents used to put mittens and hats on me in the middle of summer as a baby to keep me from scratching. I had it everywhere; even on my face!

I don't think it was linked to intelligence though. I've had issues with gluten. I'm also a big believer in chiropractic care and the health of the spine, so I think some of it might have had to do with subluxations in the thoracic spine area, which controls the nerves to the skin. I've wondered if being vaccinated as a kid and being raised on amoxicillin could have also been contributing factors. My husband was labeled gifted (started programming computers at 9 and tested out of high school at 16). He had bad acne, but since he cut dairy out of his diet he has had almost no skin trouble. I really think most skin problems come down to environmental/genetic factors. But I believe intelligence comes down to environment and genetics too. I see giftedness and skin problems being coincidental.
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There are many many genes for intelligence and all of us have different mixes with different 'side-effects' or lack thereof. One gifted child could end up very different from another gifted child. But with that said, there are some definite patterns that I am picking up from reading forums/articles/studies.

Read any gifted forum and you will undoubtedly have several posts (much more than should be expected by chance) on the same disorders time and time again. Talk of Asperger's, SPD, allergies/eczema, social skills difficulties, left handedness, assorted sensitivities is common.
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Well, you always find the most fascinating, oddest stuff on MDC.

Our younger dd (6y.o.) has struggled with eczema and rough skin at least since she was a toddler, and she refuses to use Atopiclair, the only thing we found that works for her.

She has a 147 WISC without doing the extended scale. (I do not know what category of gifted that is). She was 160 on the WJ-III fluid reasoning cognitive subtest.

Somebody needs to find out about this, it makes no sense to me.
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I had eczema as a young child and still have it. I'm gifted in math/reasoning.
My older brother is freakishly gifted at just about everything - and no eczema but he is allergic to gluten.

DS1 has eczema and is gifted.
DD has eczema and is freakishly gifted.
DS2 has eczema and I can't tell if he's gifted yet. By this age, 17 months, DD was obviously gifted but I couldn't tell with DS1 yet.
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