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Were your twin preg pee sticks different than singleton ones?

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Since DD (10 months) was born, I've had dreams about walking to my friends house with a pad of paper and pen to take notes about taking care of twins. This friend has twins and then two singletons and all her pregnancies were about 9 months apart (9 months from the end of one to the beg of another).

Over, and over, I have this dream. It's become a running joke.

Except that shortly after DH and I got married, I dreamed about having DD. I knew her name (then forgot until she was born, remembered the dream with her name, went back to my old journals, found the name and FREAKED), I knew what she looked like, I knew how heavy she felt laying on my chest, everything. I had the dreams a few times, and had SO MUCH deja vu once DD was born.

I was due to start AF on the 1st. On the third, I POAS randomly during the afternoon. The preggo line showed up before the control test line. The next day, the second pee stick did the same thing. Super preggo. With DD when I tested (also 3 days late) I had to wait for a very faint +.

DD's ped randomly brought up me being pregnant with twins during her WBV yesterday. He's CONVINCED. He's a pediatrician, so I'm assuming his OB/GYN experience is limited, but something about the 'd.r.' before his name makes him sound like an expert.

Circumstantial evidence for sure. A prophetic dream, a random premonition from someone else, but the pee sticks?

Were your twin pee sticks more + than your single pee sticks? Would the HcG be that much higher with a twin pregnancy so soon?
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I know what you mean about the powerful effect of dreams during or before a pregnancy. I have vivid dreams of my little ones and I always dream them as they end up being. I think that is why this pregnancy is confusing me so much because I keep dreaming of a little girl but the tech is 100% sure of boy for baby A and 80% sure on a boy for baby B. Very confusing for me.

That being said...
All I can do is provide input on my experience with the pregnancy test for our currently incubating twins. With all 5 of my other pregnancies the + or second line for pregnancy was instant. Oddly enough with the twins my first pregnancy test had such a faint line (and that was after.... like 30 minutes or so) that I considered it a false result. I took another test and it still took at least 10 minutes for a positive result to show up.

So I guess what I am saying is that you cant really go by the speed of the result on the test to determine or get a good guess for twins, or at least not from what I experienced.
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With my 1st twin pregnancy I got an immediate dark + on day 12. But I have also had that happen with several of my other single pregnancies also. I can usually get a dark + by day 9 and have even gotten them as early as day 8 with most of my pregnancies....singles included. THis twin pregnancy, oddly enough, was - on day 8,9 and 10. Day 11 I got 1 very faint + in the early morn but by afternoon it was -. It was so faint that I had to strain to see it and by afternoon was convinced I was not pregnant. Morning of day 12 was same result. Faint barely visible +. At this point I knew I was pregnant but having had a late m/c at 14 wks before this pregnancy thought my hormones were not high enough to sustain this one. When I failed to start a period I tested again an entire week later and it was huge and glowing...but that was a week after I should've started! Needless to say, we ruled out twins based on my presumed low hormone levels. It was a massive shock to find 2 at the 21 wk u/s.

I'm thinking pee sticks are definitely no indicator of what resides in there or how many!!! LOL!

I'd go more based on the dreams before I'd go based on tests.
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Well, I will tell you I felt like I was having twins well before I knew it was. Also, I took a test on DPO 9 and the line was DARK. My husband said i bet its twins.

I did have dreams about them too.

My MW doesnt do early ultrasounds but around 15 weeks I was dying to know so I peaked with someone at work (i work in a hospital).... and there were two little babies..hehe.

So I dont know that the stick is a definate or the dreams. But I do believe that sometimes you can just 'know'.

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I need to get a pregnancy confirmation for insurance, and my midwives do that appointment for free but I'm sure it costs them something. I'm thinking about going to a free clinic that does free ultrasounds starting in the 6th week. I would love to just know one way or another.

Besides, I have some family who have had a lot of problems during pregnancy recently (really horrible losses) and I could use a little reassurance this time around.

Thanks for your stories ladies! It's good to know that pee sticks aren't too revealing.
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