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Legs turning blue

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and they are tingling.. LIke pins and needles type of tingle that make it feel like they are itchy! I noticed this while I was attemping to do the dishes! I looked down and the backs of my calves were bluish purple and so where my upper thighs....: I am anemic and havent been taking my iron pills as I should. Do you think that could be some cause of it.. Or could it just be that I am 36 weeks and baby on a nerve and pressing on that? I sat with them ( legs) up for a bit and it went away.. Now if i get up and walk around a bit i get the pin and needle feeling every once in awhile.. any advice or input?
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OK so there has been 15 veiws and no replies! Am I just nuts here or what LOl. noone has any advice
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I was quite shocked by your post subject. I would love to help you, but I've never experienced anything like that before. Are you quite overweight? Maybe you could try gentle exercise, like swimming, or tai chi, to get your circulation moving. I have bad circulation (cold hands and feet sometimes) and I find that exercise helps.

About taking iron pills, I heard that they cause constipation. I took Floradix liquid iron supplement in my first pregnancy. Maybe you could try the liquid instead? It doesn't cause constipation.

take care of yourself~~~
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I don't know, but something about your legs turning blue scares me a little. Like the blood isn't circulating properly or something. I think this may warrant a call to your care provider. I wouldn't want it to turn out to be a blood clot or something serious like that. I wish I could help more. Good luck to you. Please call your OB/MW.
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boy, that is a stumper! i've never heard of this in pregnancy...

it doesn't sound like a nerve thing, more of a circulation problem. i would take a brisk walk, after eating something with some carbs and protein, and see if things improved.

does it only show up when you're standing still? how about with your feet up? do your feet feel cold?

if it doesn't resolve easily, i would definitely call your caregiver.

good luck and let us know what's up!

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Hey, Christy, how badly are your legs swelling? The tingling could be related to sciatic nerve issues, i.e., the baby pressing down on that particular nerve. I would DEFINITELY call my OB or midwife about that because it is certainly scary. If your legs are swelling, they will restrict circulation. Standing makes it worse. Let me know, 'k?
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Is it possible they're varicose veins?

I would call the doc- don't know what could be causing the blueness. Tingling/pain could be the sciatic nerve, but I've had sciatica and never had blueness besides the ugly varicose veins I have.
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Does anybody have the book "What the Expect.."? B/c I was flipping through it the other day at Borders and I am almost positive I remember seeing apart about feet turning blue, but I didn't read it. If anybody has that book laying around, maybe you could see if it's in there.

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I'm usually a lurker, so I hope you don't think I'm intruding, but this seemed important. I think you should definitely see your health care provider - just the peace of mind might be worth it. Other than that, my sister-in-law (she's a family practice Dr.) told me that compression stockings - the kind that the hospital makes you wear after surgery - can be very helpful in terms of helping leg circulation and keeping spider veins, etc. away.

Good luck to you - I hope your care provider can provide some quick insight!!
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Thanks for all the replies!! I am not overweight. I have only gained about 18 pounds with this pregnancy.. I guess I shouldnt of said that my legs turn blue. That does make it sound really dramatic.. It is more of a darker purplish color like if your legs are bare and cold in the winter? Does that amke since.. But it was on the backs of both legs.. I have a appointment on Tuesday with my dr. I will talk to him about it then.. I feel as if this baby is on a nerve because when i move or sit a certain way it feels a bit tender and shots pain. I will be glad to have baby in arms and not in tummy thats for sure!
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Ouch - definitely sounds yucky, I'm sure you are in count down mode till April! IF nothing else, perhaps this is natures way of telling you to keep your feet up - probably not an option with your other little ones, but still fun to think about!!
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I've had the same thing with swelling in my hands/feet. I started taking a lot of garlic pills and walk every night for a half hour or so and it's all pretty much gone away. The garlic is good for the blood and the walk helps circulate. I also started taking baths with epsom salt to help circulation because I also had high blood pressure and my little protocol has worked. A lot of it is the garlic I think with the walking.

Make sure you doctor checks your blood pressure.
Good luck.
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i'm curious to hear what your doctors ideas on it were. i'm voting in favor of your intuition....we'll see!
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went to the dr today and talked to him about it. He said that i need to put my feet up over my head,, Meaning laying down and prop them up.. That baby is head down and more then likely on a nerve. My blood pressure is fine.. So he doesnt seem to be to worried.. Well So that means I am not either.. They havent done it since that day. So i am just figuring that my body was telling me to CHILL out. LOl
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nice to hear. enjoy your down time.
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I'm glad the Dr doesn't think it's a big deal. Hope you get to relax a bit!

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My mom had horrendous varicose veins.

These are hereditary.

Even though I was a healthy, active teenager, taking ballet and jogging daily, I began getting varicose veins at age fourteen.


1. Do not get constipated - use psyllium seed and drink lots of water.

2. Wear compression stockings - I always were them - I paid $45.00 for my last pair. They last a long time and are worth the expense. There are some in pregnancy sizes.

3. Put your feet up, above the level of you heart, when you are nursing/feeding your little one.

4. Put a board under the foot of your bed to raise the level so your feet will be slightly higher than your head to help your circulation.

5. Take lots of Vitamin E, mixed tocopherols.

6. Do not smoke.

These are the things I did. My veins never worsened through four pregnancies.
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